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Failure to communicate

Me, handing out a variety of candy to neighborhood boy and using my very limited Visaya. I am translating our conversation to English here: Boy: Two, please Me: One. Boy: Two, please. Me: One. Boy: Two. Me: One. Boy: Two? Me, staring in perplexity at this persistant child: 😞 Suddenly, light dawns. Me, jaw dropping […]

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The Teaching of Geography in CM’s Schools.

There is a lot that could be said here, and I do not intend this post to be the final and utmost word on the topic.  I’m also just kind of throwing together information from a handful of the resources less often cited when discussing Mason’s philosophy.  Her books, which I don’t cite here, are […]

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Indirect vs Direct Communication

I touched on this a bit in the post on power distance– while it *seems* like communication is often in a format that seems indirect to Americans, and Americans seem blunt and tactless to those in most Asian cultures- that doesn’t really mean what we think it means all the time. Some things are indirect, […]

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Davao Diary: Power Distance

I downloaded David Livermore’s Cultural Intelligence series from Audible (Customs of the World: Using Cultural Intelligence To Adapt, Wherever You Are), and I’m still listening to it. I read his Leadership with Cultural Intelligence book (I like the series from Audible better because it’s more in depth, but that is also why I haven’t finished […]

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Some Special Amazon Deals

1.99 for Kindle or electronic version of this book I’ve had saved on a wishlist for months- Spirals in Time, a book about molluscs in the sea. This book about seahorses is five dollars less than usual today. Buy ANY kindle book today and get a certificate for 40% off another book purchase (to be […]

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