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Belgium Breads Illustration

Just because it’s so pretty: From The Baker’s Book: A Practical Hand Book of the Baking Industry in All … By Emil Braun, 1902 Share! Blog this! Recommend on Facebook Share with Stumblers Tweet about it Bookmark in Browser Tell a friend

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Hats to Colour, 1920

I like the picture above. I like the project.  But reading the article accompanying it is rather jaw-dropping. An Easter Bonnet An Idea for Grade IV: Frances Clausen (1920) “IN looking over the many things appropriate to Easter, nothing is perhaps more suited to the feminine part of our community than the Easter bonnet and […]

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Struggle Sessions and SElf-Criticism

Male Students Told To Confess Their Sins At ‘Masculinity Confession Booth.’   “A struggle session (simplified Chinese: 批斗会; traditional Chinese: 批鬥會; pinyin: Pī Dòu Huì) was a form of public humiliation and torture used by the Communist Party of China in the Mao Zedong era, particularly during the Cultural Revolution, to shape public opinion and […]

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Narration Ideas for Older Students

These are just a couple of ideas, suggestions, brainstorming- they are not required, you don’t have to do it this way, and I am sure there are other approaches.  They are for students who have been narrating orally and understand it.   You might have a student write a list of the main points of […]

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Thoughtful Reads

Make It Your Own– a four part series, and this is the fourth.  So maybe it will be more than four parts.  I don’t know, but I love this and you should read it, too. They are short, you have time.  You’ll be glad you read them. You hear this CM quote batted around a […]

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