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Bible reading and young children

Q. How do I get my 3 y.o. to narrate? You don’t. ¬†Narration, the kind where you ask the child to tell you back (rather than his own spontaneous retellings) doesn’t start until six. Q. If I don’t teach him how to do this now, how will he do it when he’s of school age? […]

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Buko (Coconut)

I should have taken a picture yesterday but I was too hot and sweaty to think about it, so you’ll have to make do with a description of the first part, although I did find a photo that is similar but not quite the same. There is an open air stand not very far from […]

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Considering What’s In Your Hand?

Sometimes a specific, precise and detailed bit of frugal advice is what you need most immediately and short term (chicken is on sale here, corn starch is better than and cheaper than baby powder, you can make adequate biscuits with water instead of milk). ¬†But for long term savings what does the most good is […]

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Charlotte Mason Blog Carnival!! (Guest Hosting)

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Minced Pork and Kang Kong

Pork and kang kong Minced pork and kankong Adobong kang kong is much like the above recipe but you add about 1/4 cup of vinegar   This was dinner Thursday night and it was easy and pretty tasty. I just read over the above three recipes and then I did this: Garlic cloves, 3 or […]

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