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Christian Book Sale

Affiliate links. Books on sale at Christian Books. These are affiliate links to books I have read or want to read and am interested in: The Imitation of Christ: Classic Devotions in Today’s English By Thomas a Kempis, edited by James N. Watkins / Worthy Inspired * Spiritual wisdom that Christ-followers have cherished for 500 […]

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More Vintage Recipes for Tongue

From an 1897 Good Housekeeping. I don’t feel like these are good recipes for a beginning cook, but if you have a bit of experience cooking tongue, you could manage these.  Tongue is delicious, incredibly tender, and both of these look tasty to me. Another recipe from the same article here.   Tongue with Sauce […]

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Arachnophobics, Skip This Post

I’m visiting the U.S. from the Philippines for a few weeks, and I’ve been staying at my mother’s house as she fractured her knee just a couple days before I got here. Almost every day I go for a walk in the woods and almost every day I see something new or different. The woods […]

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tidbits of news

ICE agents break up child trafficking ring- while actively being protested by ill advised leftist protesters in their way. Democratic party now openly supporting Marxism, socialism.  Ten years ago, maybe even 5, they used to pretend they didn’t.  Now they don’t even remember denying it. 30 year old member of the non-violent Green party […]

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Yes. Obama separated families.

From 2012: “A new report authored by Seth Freed Wessler, an investigative reporter and researcher at and the Applied Research Center, points out in the first six months of 2011 the federal government deported more than 46,000 parents of children who are U.S. citizens. The report, called “Shattered Families,”estimates as many as 5,100 children are now living in foster care in […]

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