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Davao Diary, Collection of Miscellaney

Minor things that I just find interesting: At restaurants and such, you can order half a fried chicken. When you get it, you remember that chickens in the states are over-processed, hormonally stuffed, cage fed mutants. Because half a chicken here has about as much mean as a leg quarter does in the states, if […]

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Nature Study As a Help In School Discipline

NATURE-STUDY AS A HELP IN SCHOOL DISCIPLINE “Much of the naughtiness in school is a result of the child’s lack of interest in his work, augmented by the physical inaction that results from an attempt to sit quietly. The best teachers try to obviate both of these causes of misbehaviour rather than to punish the […]

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Read in February

Unbroken, by Laura Hillenbrand, amazing book.  I cried a lot. I have not seen the movie.  This is the true story of WW2 era track athlete, elite member of a bomb crew (by elite, I mean one of those most likely to die) and American POW in a Japanese internment camp, Louis Zamperini.  He experienced brutal treatment at […]

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Why We’re Here

I have shared a lot about the fun, cool things we see and do, the things we learn, and how much we love living in the Philippines.  I have shared a few tidbits, surface information, about the work we do, the work my husband primarily does, at the school.  The reason for that is that […]

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Isaac Watts on Learning Languages

Previously   OF LEARNING A LANGUAGE. The first thing required in reading an author, or in hearing lectures of a tutor, is, that you well understand the language in which they write or speak. Living languages, or such as are the native tongue of any nation in the present age, are more easily learned and […]

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