BBC’s Deception

July 12, 2023

Six years ago (nearly 7), the BBC collected “the best scientific experts” to decide BBC policy on climate change reporting. Who were those ‘scientific experts?’

The BBC refused to share the list of these people and who they worked for, even though the BBC is paid for tax dollars. In spite of winning a court case to keep secret:

the list of “scientific experts” who attended a BBC seminar at which, according to the BBC Trust, they convinced the broadcaster to abandon impartiality and take a firmly warmist position when reporting climate change. When the Beeb refused to divulge who these people were and who they worked for, Newbery took the corporation to an information tribunal. Now the names and affiliations of the 28 people who decided the Beeb climate stance – acknowledged by the Corporation to include various non-scientists such as NGO people, activists etc

The list has been discovered by bloggers using the Way Back Machine and some excellent internet sleuthing skills.

25 were not scientists at all. They were partisan advocates of a specific cause and/or journalists (these days, amounts to the same thing). Three were scientists.

Four reps the BBC sent all were forced to resign this week over a different journalistic scandal- false pedophile accusations against a politician.

These are the people determining what those who get news from the BBC will believe about climate change. The more fool those who trusted the BBC.