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Susan Rice, Unmasking, and the Media

Susan Rice Rice is the Obama official who loudly and publicly praised Bowe Bergdahl for his “honorable service” & claimed he was captured “on the battlefield.” She carried water for Hilary Clinton on Benghazi, telling the public that it was a spontaneous riot in response to a video when Obama and Hilary and Rice already […]

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Psychological and Physical Mutilation are Sacraments of the Left

“The idea that anything needs fixing inside a transgender person is anathema to big media. Time calls transgender rights “America’s next civil rights frontier.” The New York Times has, in its own words, “forcefully” advocated a transgender “crusade,” with former Times editor Andrew Rosenthal calling those who question the transgender movement “ignorant, stupid people.” This […]

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When should you believe a campaign?

  Scott Pelley: You wrote in August a story about Hillary Clinton’s medical condition the headlines said, “Hillary Clinton has Parkinson’s disease. [Physician] confirms.” That’s quite a headline. Mike Cernovich: Yeah, Dr. Ted Noel had se-sent a story to me anonymously, that I checked out, analyzing her medical condition. And — Scott Pelley: It isn’t […]

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Nature Study: Know the world

To my mind, the best of all subjects for nature-study is a brook. It affords studies of many kinds. It is near and dear to every child. It is an epitome of the nature in which we live. In miniature, it illustrates the forces which have shaped much of the earth’s surface. It reflects the […]

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Good for Mr. and Mrs. Pence

I have more respect for Mike Pence than ever, and even less respect for Feminists than I already did and I thought that was impossible. My husband moved from assistant manager to manager abruptly when the manager of another store had to be fired for sexual harassment. That manager’s story was that he’d been framed. […]

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