Memento Mori. So Carpe Diem.

July 12, 2023

Thanks to all the kind comments regarding the passing of the Zeus Dog. Thanks to the DHM for posting the pictures and announcing his passing. That he is still missed, and shall be by all, and for always, needs no repeating.

Life is a very brief and fleeting thing, really…but there are times, for us, when we feel like it must drag on forever. The moments go by, and you know they do, but since we move within the wind we do not always hear it rushing.

Moments of devastation serve as our reminders, but so can our companions. The tempo of time keeps a faster beat for them. Just when you think that Forever has happened, forever is over in a stacattao beat. Sometimes, of course, you can plug your ears and pretend you can restrain the drummer, but all that happens then is that the melody goes of out of tune.

In the end it is only the moments that matter. We can’t change the past. Contrary to popular pyschology, we don’t even have that much control over our future. The only certainty we have, the only gifts we have in our hand to offer our loved ones, are the moments.