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Eat Their Food

“For the most part, food plays a very functional role in American culture. We eat to work. If Aini was visiting in my home, I’d tell her, “Don’t eat anything you don’t like. We don’t care.” And we really wouldn’t for the most part. But in many parts of the world, food is deeply rooted […]

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That face when…

You come home from church after dark, it’s cold, freezing, in fact, and you go into the laundry room bathroom (which nobody ever uses anymore because it’s so cold) and see something in the toilet and wonder angrily “Who didn’t flush?!?” and turn on the light and it’s a dead ground squirrel which probably tumbled […]

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That ‘hate crime’ in Chicago…

The recent hate crime case in Chicago is falling apart faster and uglier than a square of one ply toilet paper.  Reports are now that Smollet himself hired to Nigerian brothers to buy the rope, red hats, and bleach and rough him up a bit.  At least one of them worked with him as an […]

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Where are you?

A school-aged child from trauma who was temporarily living in my home once made a complete wreck of my stack of origami and Washi paper (some of which I was still hoarding from when we lived in Japan)- cutting up, ripping, and sometimes properly folding at least 100 pieces, many of them beautiful, gold trimmed, […]

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Transwars on society

“British feminists are right — trans dogma is harmful to women This month, the New York Times reported on a leaked memo from the Department of Health and Human Services that, if adopted, would reverse the Obama-era federal decision to interpret Title IX as prohibiting discrimination on the basis of gender identity in addition to biological sex. […]

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