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Rambutan: sweet, juicy but not messy, much firmer than mango, not quite so firm as a cherry. Sweet with just a bit of tang. Not so tart as kiwi or as sweet as a honeycrisp apple. Very tasty. The prickles aren’t prickles and they don’t feel sharp, just bumpy. amb Share! Blog this! Recommend on […]

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The Beauties of Nature and the World We Live In, Part V of X

CHAPTER V – WOODS AND FIELDS Rural life, says Cicero, “is not delightful by reason of cornfields only and meadows, and vineyards and groves, but also for its gardens and orchards, for the feeding of cattle, the swarms of bees, and the variety of all kinds of flowers.” Bacon considered that a garden is “the […]

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Links you can use

Grow vegetables from kitchen scraps. The secret to moderate clean Memory hack– Charlotte Mason knew this (as did others before her) Homeschool grads in college– there are a couple things here you may want to consider mentioning to your kids. I don’t think any of them are that hard to overcome whether you do or […]

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Reading, making, thinking

Interactive Table of the Elements in words and pictures. Very coolness. An easy way to make your own little gift box using a CD as a pattern (I would think you could use any round item.  We don’t have any CDs here). Reading real books is good for you. Need more?  Keep reading. Share! Blog […]

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Community college advocating dropping algebra as requirement for non-STEM majors. Baltimore cop accidentally films himself planting drugs he later ‘discovers’ and uses to arrest some schmuck. This is a terrible, terrible person doing terrible, terrible things to her children.  But what really bothers me is that a newspaper is willing to give her a platform […]

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