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Books Read In November

Jesus Among Other Gods, Ravi Zacharias, having now read three of his books, I can say I prefer listing to Ravi Zacharias to reading him. It’s an interesting devotional book but the title and description made it sound like he would be doing a more rigorous comparison of Jesus to other major religious deities or […]

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What is Knowledge?

Part I Part II Mason says the sole concern of education proper, the main idea, the whole point of education, is knowledge. Knowledge, she says, comes from books. It does not come from training, games, gimmicks, or lists of facts. She is not making light of physical education or vocational training- she says those are […]

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From my teens to fifties

Me in my teens: spends every spare minute slathering on oil and laying out in the sun. Sometimes will hold out my very dark brown arm or leg for inspection and fake lament, “I’m still so white. I think I need better suntan oil,” in order to prompt the automatic disagreement from others. Until one […]

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Intercultural communication- teen girl level unlocked

Have I shared this story? Three of our Korean students are in need of a private practice spot for a dance performance and they have asked if they can use the library some days when it’s open after school, but nobody else is here. There’s no reason not to let them, so I said yes. […]

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Is it just me?

Don’t eat food if a fly lands on it, as they carry more dangerous bacteria than previously thought, warn scientists… My first thought when I read this wasn’t “Oh, no, throw out more food!” It was, “Wow. The human immune system is even more incredible than I realized.” My second thought is, “Who can afford […]

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