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Air Travel Tips

I’m back in the Philippines after 45 days in the states, visiting three states, and sleeping at five different houses. What with one thing and another my journey back home to the Philippines took me 52 hours from first take-off to final landing and I was in five airports. I slept in chairs and on […]

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Rambling thoughts on mothering

“Oh, those people. I don’t know why they even had kids. I think it’s important to never have kids until you are sure about your reasons and never just because it’s the default choice.” I agree that there are some very bad reasons to have children- and as a default certainly could be a bad […]

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Military PTSD Documentary

Let There Be Light: The Censored Documentary on Traumatized WWII soldiers A bit more about that:  If you’re studying or discussing this with your kids, you might enjoy this as a supplement: NCIS, season two, episode six, Terminal Leave, an episode about an Iraqui Vet with PTSD Share! Blog this! Recommend on Facebook Share […]

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What Racism Looks Like to Me

If you think voter ID is racist, then I think you are a racist whose racism goes deep down to your innermost assumptions.  Are brown people dumber than you, that they do not know how to get an ID? Are they cut off from society more than you, so that they don’t already have the […]

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Political theater

Democrats Pocan, Jaypal, and Espaillat will vote no on the abolish ICE bill if it’s brought to the floor. Why is that particularly significant? It is their bill.  These are the same three Democrat Representatives who introduced the Abolish ICE bill in the first place.   Why would they introduce a bill they do not want […]

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