The Road Goes On….

July 12, 2023

The Road Goes On….


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Boy’s Assessment of His Sister’s Shopping
By Headmistress, zookeeper | Published: DECEMBER 20, 2012
The Boy and Pip went to the thrift shop today to do some clothes shopping. The zipper on his jacket broke this week, he’s outgrown or outworn all of his pants again, and he doesn’t own a white dress shirt, and since he’s in size 13 shoes and still growing, we now look for shoes for him to grow into any time we are at a thrift shop, because these are expensive brand new. The Boy didn’t find any of the things we needed for him, but he called back to report:

They didn’t have any pants in my size at all, not even holey ones. I didn’t find any of the stuff for me that you told me to look for, but my sister had a good time, and she’s bringing back:
(grudgingly) 1 pair of cute and also sensible shoes.

(drily) 1 pair of shoes that are only cute, but not at all sensible.

Various items of wildly colorful clothing.

So, can I use the money you gave me for a jacket to go buy a snack as a reward for all my hard work?