Beatrix Potter & Economics

July 12, 2023

“Now the meaning of ‘credit’ is this – when a customer buys a bar of soap, instead of the customer pulling out a purse and paying for it – she says she will pay another time.”

“The customers come again and again, and buy quantities, in spite of being afraid of Ginger and Pickles. But there is no money in what is called ‘the till.’”

…and then Ginger & Pickles have to eat their own store resources, and go out of business, and are forced to find different ways of making a living. From The Tale of Ginger & Pickles, the first Beatrix Potter story book Striderling (almost 23 months) sat and listened to from beginning to end.

I rather think reading that to a small child will be more educational than any presidential debate can be. Prettier and better on the blood pressure, too. 😉