Quick and Easy Holiday Crafts Link-Up with Four Moms!

July 12, 2023

We are sharing easy and quick holiday crafts this week, and we hope you’ll share some, too. I am totally and shallowly all about the easy part of quick and easy- and also cheap.

Here’s one of my favorites:
So cute! So easy!

Make your own dry erase board. All you need is a picture frame with the glass still inside, and a dry erase marker. If you want an eraser, too, glue, nail, or tack felt around an old wooden block. If you want purtier, look around for a pretty bit of paper to put inside- not to dark and not to busy, so you can read the writing on the memo board.
The one pictured here is just an old card I’d been given that I kept because I liked the paisley pattern. The frame is from a thrift shop- I pick up frames with the glass still inside whenever I find them at thrift shops for 1.00 or less (depending on size- mostly I prefer to pay a quarter).

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