Homemade Baby Oatmeal

July 12, 2023

Princess Peach is getting very, very interested in what her parents and brother stick in their mouths at meal times. You’d think that with one toddler already, I’d be more familiar in this territory of transitioning-babies-to-solids, but since he didn’t eat anything by mouth ’til after he was one, I’m finding this to be a Whole New World.

A current favorite meal of the PP (and a favorite of her mama’s, because it’s easy!)

Mix oatmeal (I’m making it with water and not milk since she’s still under one), thawed frozen peaches, and a smidgen of maple syrup in either a food processor or blender. It makes a lovely, smooth, yummy cereal… seriously, it’s so good I ate it along with her tonight. 🙂 Right now I usually make a large batch of the oatmeal for breakfast for the Toddler Boy and me, and then use the leftovers to make Baby Girl’s oatmeal cereal over the next few days.

(fun vintage photo courtesy of the Library of Congress ~ entitled, “Measuring Baby Food.” heh).