July 12, 2023

The Way We Were

The Way We Were “How did he SURVIVE?” Nod, upon being told that colour television hadn’t always been around, and in fact the HM and DHM grew up without it.…

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July 12, 2023

Would Somebody…..?

Would Somebody…..? I don’t know about you, but at my house, it used to be if I couched a request, “Would somebody come here/get the door/turn off the over/start the…

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July 12, 2023

Gov’t Vs the Individual

Gov’t Vs the Individual From Coyote: Bill Whittle makes a great point in this video which is at the heart of the problems with this administration: While Obama and his…

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July 12, 2023

Sure Fooled Him

Sure Fooled Him This morning the Dread Pirate Grasshopper’s bird feeder was visited by a bird or two and the DPG came to watch. Being a boy inclined to Notice…

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At The Common Room Blog, we find beauty in the simplest of things – a morning cup of coffee, the laughter of children, the changing seasons, a well-worn book. These are the threads that weave the fabric of our existence, and here, they take center stage.

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Through heartfelt narratives and thought-provoking reflections, we invite you to see the extraordinary within the ordinary. Our writers bring to life the moments that touch our souls, remind us of our shared humanity, and inspire us to appreciate the intricate details of our lives.

Amidst the stories of our family's adventures, allow us to introduce the unexpected twist that online casinos brought into our lives. As a retired Air Force couple who found solace in homeschooling and the tranquility of inherited land, we also explored the realm of online entertainment. The Headmaster, a seasoned aircraft mechanic, found a different kind of excitement in virtual casinos, while the Headmistress, a writer and homeschooling mom, embarked on her own unique journey.

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Step into The Common Room Blog and embark on a journey of discovery. As you navigate through our virtual rooms, you'll encounter a diverse array of topics – from travel tales that transport you to distant lands to personal anecdotes that resonate with your own experiences.

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In this digital age, we recognize the importance of fostering genuine connections. The Common Room Blog is not just a platform for reading – it's a space for engaging, sharing, and connecting. Join the conversations, leave comments, and become part of our community, whether you're discussing cybersecurity, top mobile casinos, or even the latest slot machine games, as we celebrate the beauty of life's ordinary moments together.

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