The Important Questions

I was so sick the last two days that I exactly weight five pounds less right now than I did 48 hours ago. I am not very hungry, but I am pretty shaky, weak, light headed and still a bit achey. I changed the Cherub’s diaper and had to sit down to catch my breath. I swept a spot under a cupboard, about 2×2 feet, that’s been bugging me a while, and I had to sit down and rest. I read a few pages in a book and I needed a nap.

For breakfast I had a small gluten free waffle with apple and cinnamon (Van’s, because the Cherub can eat them since they have no wheat, corn, or eggs!), and that was not a huge success.

For lunch I had some plain whole yogurt sweetened with nothing but crushed berry sauce (applesauce, but with strawberries, raspberries, and a couple other fruits, no sugar added). That seems to be working out better than the waffle so far.

I’ve hydrated with two cups of green tea (one of them was green tea, no sweetener, we won’t speak of the other one) and a bottle water.

I’ve folded some origami star boxes out of cards. I used one to hold raisins for a tea party I had with five of the grand-darlings the day before I got sick, and it was a huge hit.

I’ve watched a few episodes of K-dramas- finished Memories of the Ahlhambra, am watching Just Between Lovers with my husband, and I slowly am going through Secret Healer.

I’ve fallen asleep listening to two or three different audiobooks.

I did a few Duolingo lessons.

I have watched a video of our church family back in Davao singing I Need Thee Every Hour in Cebuano. I may have watched it five times. I may have cried, but since nobody saw it and there’s no video, it didn’t happen.

I “straightened up’ the kitchen, which means I put away four or five jars my husband had washed, tidied up the tea storage situation and put the peanut butter knife he’d used in a coffee cup that was soaking for him to wash later. And then I needed to rest again.

I’ve twittered and fbed and so on.

I’m bored, and hungry but nervous about it and need to eat something to help with the shakes, but really, really big and important question- what can I do to keep at least half of that five pounds from glomming right back on me?

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TAke 15 minutes to watch this.

Nick Sandmann, the truth in 15 minutes. These are grown adults smearing and attacking and mocking a kid, he’s just 15 or 16, because he smiled while wearing a red baseball cap. That’s all he did.

Warning- there is profanity and racial slurs, but none of it is coming from the kids. It’s all from the adults around them, and later the adults talking about them. It’s ugly.

The left really does hate us, and if the media was not our enemy, I’d like to know what would’ve looked different here.

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Musings on crime rates

I stumbled across this document at googlebooks while looking for something else and that got me thinking:

“While he was Attorney General, Homer Cummings pronounced Washington’s crime record a national disgrace. That view reflected not a vague impression but actual data gathered by the Department of Justice for July-September, 1937. Of ninety three cities of more than a hundred thousand population the capital took a conspicuous place among the 10 per cent with the most crime. It was third in major thefts, fifth in burglaries and housebreaking, seventh in robberies, eighth in aggravated assault, and tenth in murder and nonnegligent manslaughter.”

Merlo J. Pusey
Forum and Century, Volume 102 (1939)
Edited By Henry Goddard Leach

I wondered what the comparative crime rates are today. Turns out it’s a bit hard to control apples to apples here, because D.C. has changed its houseing situation and borders somewhat (according to one article I read), and because different crime fighting orgs count up the crime figures differently.

It’s hard to find statistics comparing precisely the same sort of thing, but what I’ve read is that violent crime is still more than three times the national average in D.C. It was once the murder capital, but that hadn’t been true for a few years. A couple years ago, it wasn’t even in the top 10. That has changed in the last couple of years and murders are going up in D.C. even as they are going down in other areas.

The availability of guns in other places (they are mostly not legal in D.C.) is supposed to be some to be one of the reasons:

“New York City and Chicago are both places with extremely strict gun laws, but guns pour and pour into Illinois,” said Grawert. “Most Illinois crime guns come from Indiana, which is a state with really lax gun laws. It’s not that gun control doesn’t work, it’s that if you place a strict gun law city in the middle of a lax gun law region, you’re going to get very different results.”

This doesn’t make sense to me, because if it were the guns, then the crime rates in Indiana would be just as high as they are in Chicago. Gary, Indiana is a pretty rough town and has high murder rates, but the rest of Indiana seems to manage proximity to guns without the same callous disregard for human life we see in the murder stats of Chicago, Detroit, Houston, Flint, Philadelphia and other places in the top ten. Within the state of Indiana, why is Gary the worst? It’s clearly not just proximity to guns. It is only 25 miles from downtown Chicago, though.

Crime statistics are odd, too. I found Elkhart in the top 30 list of nationwide murder rates on one website, but it didn’t even make the top ten for another website that tracked murder rates in Indiana cities only.

No solid conclusion here, except that I just don’t see the logic in saying a city with strict gun control but high gum crime rates is that way because of lax gun control in a border state. It’s like saying the kids in the blue house keep breaking windows with baseball bats even though the parents have banned baseball bats, and it’s because the parents in the red house next door where the windows are all intact let their kids have baseball bats. IT’s obvious there that the largest issue is not the bats. It’s the people wielding them.

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How SJW are trashing YA fiction

This reads like it ought to be parody or satire, but it isn’t.

How a Twitter Mob Derailed an Immigrant Female Author’s Budding Career

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Bato Lata or Kick the Can

Here are the directions to a Filipino kids street game, similar to our Kick the Can.  Just so you know, slipper is what they call flip flops or loose sandals.

The kids on our street played it all the time. It was fun to watch, but I never quite understood all the ends and outs.  It was clear the goal was to hit the can with their tsinillas (flip=flop) and somebody had the job of grabbing the can and standing it up, but the finer points were beyond me.  I realize now part of that was because they didn’t play the same version every time.


I’m hoping to try to teach it to the oldest of the grand-kids this summer.  We have a nice open grassy field where it would work.  I think their feet are too tender to play on the stony driveway.


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