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A reminder: China had reason to know their new virus was transmitted person to person with the very second case, as far back as December, but they were lying to the world about this thru late January. Meanwhile…

  • Wuhan was put under quarantine on January 23 – but millions had already fled 
  • The mayor estimated 5 million left the city, taking the coronavirus with them 
  • Analysis has revealed the places they fled to match the early spread of the viruso 

Where did it really come from, and why is it crazy to even ask the question?  There really are credible reasons to at least suspect it accidentally was first released by an accident at one of two labs in Wuhan which were studying the very species of bat that is the origin of this virus- a bat species not sold in the Wuhan wet market.

A timeline of China’s lies and cover up– had they told the truth early on, things would have gone down much, much differently and a lot of families would not be grieving their dead right now.

Henry Ford in Michigan says right now the benefits of treating the China virus with Hyroxychlorine outweigh the risks (I’ve been saying that, too, and getting pushback for it).  Michigan is one of the states whose governor issued an EO forbidding its use to treat China virus patients, and now she’s demanding that the Federal government give her state some.


I don’t really blame anybody for not seeing this coming.I wish we’d been wiser, less trusting of the Chinese government or the WHO, tho.  But let’s not pretend everybody saw this coming in January. Everybody did not. In March Democrats were still telling their states to party on and social distancing was a myth and travel bans xenophobic.

March 10th, NYC’s mayor Bill DeBlasio on Morning JOe’s show: “Life is going on pretty normally here & we want to encourage that.” “This disease, even if you were get it, basically acts like a common cold or flu.” “Transmission is not that easy.” “We can not shutdown to undue fear.”

February 24th, Nancy Pelosi was telling people to come out to Chinatown, it was very safe. By February 24th, it was not safe to hang out in public crowds anywhere.

Morning Joe claimed today that everybody but Trump knew what a big deal it was and everybody was talking about it back in January, btw.  His own show didn’t mention it until near the end of February, and it wasn’t to take it seriously then.


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Sheltering in Place

The Cherub and I have been hunkered down for a while now, because she’s high risk, and she can’t tell me when she doesn’t feel good, and she pretty much always is coughing or sneezing for various reasons.

She had a constantly running nose that I now suspect was a potato allergy.  At least, I eliminated the potatoes and the slime-face, mucous splashing on the floor stopped abruptly.  It started up again on two occasions where I accidentally gave her something with potatoes in it- a gluten free bread that had potato starch, and for a prize in stupidity, a few potato chips.

I buy groceries online and pick them up at the parking lot. Nobody anywhere delivers to me, although my mom was just telling me about a guy in town who is doing the grocery shopping for any seniors who ask and he delivers to their front door as well.  But I’m not in town.

Getting the groceries I order is something of a crap shoot, right, same for most of you.  That said, I have been pretty fortunate.  The only thing I really lack is flour, and my mom says she has some and can give it to me.  I have a few cups, but I don’t bake that much.  Not being able to buy flour gives me a sudden yen to try all the bread recipes I have ever owned, of course.

At some point this week, I’m going to be cooking this Pinoy dish- tuna sisig, and we’ll have it over rice. I do have rice, although what I prefer is short or medium grain and what I have is long grain and extra long grain.  Not complaining, just remarking. Funny story- I had sushi rice on my order, and the story apparently ran out. So my shopper substituted a sushi mat instead.

I am an introvert, so I’m not too stressed, or so I think.  But the condition of my house rather belies the notion that I am not stressed, as does the fact that I find myself taking random naps.  I have not done any of the things I wanted to do with my time for the last two weeks- no exercise, no language studies, no cooking, no housecleaning, no reading!   I have been working on calligraphy, though, and that’s been fun and soothing as well.


Are you quarantined? In my county we’re not supposed to drive anywhere except the doctor or grocery store or necessary jobs.  What projects are you working on? How do you spend your time?



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Home-made cloth masks work

According to this study:

What Are The Best Materials for Making DIY Masks?

And here are some tips for no-sew masks:

They aren’t suitable for use in a hospital and probably not for use if you are home with somebody you know likely has the China virus. but for general going shopping, home-use, it’s an additional tool along with the hand-washing, not touching your face, etc (and they help with not touching your face):
Here’s another one, and she shows you how to make them more effective still by including a filter (the filter part is disposable, don’t reuse more than once): (the filters are going to be harder to find now, I don’t know if any home improvement stores are open. Try ebay)
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The difference between a drug used for Malaria and Fish Bowl Cleaner

Media reporting is beyond irresponsible and dishonest. “Man dies after taking malaria medication touted by Trump as possible cure for coronavirus”
People, the man did not take the malaria medication hydroxychloroquine, which Trump did not suggest should be taken without a doctor’s oversight, obviously. He took FISH BOWL CLEANER (chloroquine phosphate). The fish bowl cleaner is clearly labeled that it is a poison not to be ingested by humans. The couple took it in a massive overdose in order to prevent getting the China virus, not to treat it (and it wouldn’t have mattered, since it wasn’t the same thing).  This is not Trump’s fault.
On the other hand, I don’t think we could find a clearer metric by which to assess the news you are getting. If you read any article about this that doesn’t make it clear the couple deliberately ingested fish bowl cleaner and that it is not the same thing, then you know you are reading an ill informed rag with a bizarre agenda, and that agenda is not to report accurate news. Act accordingly. The one above is ridiculous.
This one is just slightly slanted, but does contain enough accurate information to work with (it has been in use in other countries to treat the China virus, so there’s reason to be hopeful):
NBC news has since changed their story (without noting the changes in their reporting), but initially, reporter Heidi Pryzbyla of NBC actually claimed the couple took the same drug Trump talked about and failed to mention the couple took fish tank cleaner in order to prevent themselves from getting sick (which isn’t what Trump said about it, either).
Another news outlet correctly reported the name of the fish bowl cleaner (chloroquine phosphate), but didn’t explain that it wasn’t the malaria drug- and they included a photograph of the malaria drug bottle, which wasn’t what the couple took.  By coupling the photo of drug A with the mention of drug B and not making a distinction, they have dishonestly communcated that they are the same.

Among the absolutely dishonest reporting we can include Daily Beast, Forbes, New York Post, Business Insider.

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These are the reasons Pelosi and Dems are holding up relief bill

For solar panels and new facilities for NOA, for strengthening Unions, for NASA, for reducing airline emissions (they are reduced good and hard right now), for funding for the IRS… and more. None of these things have a place in this relief bill.  Congress should go without pay until a clean bill is produced. It’s what government has done to millions of Americans who are without work now.

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