The 1619 project didn’t deserve a Pulitzer

Scholarly article on flaws in the 1619 project and the revisionism of its author and promoter.

More here: “As the person who broke the story about the NYT’s textual deletions from the 1619 Project, I’ll offer a few thoughts on this response from the paper in the thread below.” (Source:

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Musings and Rambles

Milk chocolate is so mild it’s nearly insipid. No point to it.

This was an interesting podcast on poetry and the gospel.

Gingersnaps and pumpkin cream cheese spread together are fabulous.

I think reincarnation as a concept is just lame, a copout in a story and dreary and horrifying to contemplate in real life (even apart from the religious issue). But some of my favourite K-Dramas keep having that theme.

Do you ever wonder if even half the people who post things about dancing in the rain have ever really danced in the rain?

My son was pretty sick. He tested positive for Covid, and he’s feeling better now. He really did not feel good at all for three or for days. The shut down has been far harder for him.

I still mostly self-quarantine with the Cherub. I see the kids and grandkids from time to time, and my mom, but hardly anybody else. I mostly do curbside pick up, although when I care about produce I wait for weekends and do a quick shopping trip. I do wear a mask. It’s hard and gives me panic attacks sometimes but there it is. I do not care if you do. I wish people would just stop being so angry at who does or doesn’t mask and just do what you think should be done and let others do the same.

I am stocking up for a near seige after the elections. Hope you are, too. Water, toilet paper, canned goods, candles, cleaning supplies, vitamins c, d, and elderberry and echinacea, diapers, wipes….

I have written my older godson about 200 letters. Stocked up on postcards and postcard stamps for writing short notes to other people.
I fretted a bit about all the things I am not doing, but I am coming to terms with that and settling in to my own skin and fitting into what I am supposed to be doing. This no longer includes regular large gatherings in my home but does include a lot of reading and 2-3 hours every day writing to my godson and occasionally others.

Younger godson has asked if he can come for Christmas. I said yes, of course. How do you say no to a child who was born and put in your hands before anybody else held him? 14 years, now. Or in just a few more weeks.

Belated Thanksgiving and 추석 wishes to Canadian and Korean friends and favorite strangers.

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Keep your Paper and Ink, hardcopy, printed dictionaries.

The word police are in full force.

Within the last two years, Biden and RBG are on record using the term ‘sexual preferences.’. It’s in numerous nondiscrimination clauses.
But during her confirmation hearings ACB used it and was rebuked by the inept Senator from Hawaii and told it was an offensive term. Within 24 hours a major online dictionary dutifully followed the implicit directive and changes the online definition.

We are watching real time propaganda at 1984 levels in action, memory holing the past to justify the present.

Related: media and social media all in and keeping people from hearing about the Biden Bombshell, emails showing hunter introduced his dad to Burisma execs, contrary to Biden claims.

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Kamala Harris is in favor of banning fracking

You may think this is a good thing, and that’s fine, but she and Biden have been flip flopping on this point, so clearly, they know it isn’t a popular thing.


And make no mistake, Kamala *is* the Democrat candidate. Biden’s dementia is not even a well kept secret.

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New song discovery

I love these lyrics and Tolan Shaw’s voice sends me to happy places:

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