Chili Cheese Popcorn

popcorn childrenThis is one of my favorite frugal snacks


Pop six cups of popcorn- the air popper is fine, or do stove-top.  If you do bags of microwave popcorn it’s no longer frugal.


Meanwhile, combine, melt, and stir together:

4 Tablespoons melted butter

1/2 to 1 teaspoon each chili powder, garlic powder, onion powder, and salt

1/4 teaspoon paprika

Toss all over warm popcorn.  Adjust the flavorings to taste- I like more of just about everything, and I sprinkle parmesan cheese over the top of it all and give the bowl a good shake.

You omit the cheese if you just want chili popcorn



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Crockpot Hamburger Dip

hamburger dipThis would make a nice informal lunch or dinner family dish.



1 lb ground meat (beef, turkey, sausage)

1/2 cup chopped onion

1/4 cup ketchup

1 8oz package cream cheese

1 cup grated Parmesan cheese

1 clove garlic, mashed

1 teaspoon oregano

1 Tablespoon parsley

1 Tablespoon sugar or molasses (cuts the acid, enhances the flavor)

chopped mushrooms (optional)

Salt and pepper to taste.



Brown the ground beef, add onion and garlic; cook until the onions are tender and slightly limp.

Add everything else and stir over low heat until the cream cheese melts.  It’s done now, and you can serve it with corn chips.

OR you can put it in the crockpot to keep it warm and have it as an appetizer at a party.


To stretch it further, add a can of stewed tomatoes and some grated carrots; or add a jar or two of salsa for more veggies and spices.

Add refried beans and stir well and use it for burrito filling.

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Joe Biden and His War On Women

Here’s Biden:

Speaking at the Urban League conference in Cincinnati, Biden told a very surprised audience that he “should have had one Republican kid to go out and make money.”
via Washington Free Beacon:
“You know,” Biden continued, “so when they put me in a home, I get a window with a view. You know what I mean? But my daughter is a social worker.”

Most of the reports I have seen on this focus on his whining (and dishonesty) about Republicans being the money making party. But you know what jumped out at me?

Biden has three kids. The other two are boys, several years older than their sister (she wasn’t born until Biden remarried a few years after the horrific car accident that took his first wife and his young daughter’s lives). WHY does he assume it’s his daughter’s responsibility to look after him?

The boys, btw, are presumably Democrats, and both are lawyers. One is Delaware’s AG, and the other currently works for a Ukrainian energy company, as well as being a partner at Rosemont Seneca Partners, LLC and Counsel to Boies, Schiller, Flexner, LLP, a New York based-law firm, according to Wikipedia.

Their sister, Ashley, is the baby of the family and was only born in 1981, which makes the fact that Papa Biden calls her out for not being well to do enough to take care of him when he’s ready for a nursing home (next month, I think), seriously patriarchal and I do not mean that in a good way.

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Amazon Fun Stuff and Play-Pretties

I use zipper and clip pouches of all sizes to organize my purse contents. I’ve picked up old cigarette pouches at second hand stores, as well as make-up bags and change purses and pencil pouches and I use the for all kinds of things- i-Pod storage, crochet hooks and scissors, cell phones, pens, change, credit cards (I took the plastic holder for credit cards out of a wallet and put it in an oblong zipper pouch instead. I use it for ID cards, the debit card, and store discount cards, because the strap around it lets me carry just this, dangling around my wrist, when I don’t want my whole purse).

Here are some cute ones I found browsing at Amazon (yes, these are affiliate links, but I really do think these are cute and I have ordered a couple for presents):

backpack coin purse Hot Popular Women Cool Backpack Flower Coin Bag Wallet Hand Pouch Purse for just 2.63, plus free shipping.  With this little backpack pouch, it looks like you could do your credit cards, keys, a few photographs, even an i-Pod and lip gloss.  Here’s a reader review: “This really is as cute as pictured. I got it in the green. The color is fantastic. If you have small items in your purse that you have to dig for, this would be a nice way to keep them within easy reach. It does have a clip. It could be attached to a back pack or a belt loop.
It would also make a nice gift card holder.”


solid color backpack coin purse If you are the person you want to give the backpack purse to isn’t into the rosebud pattern, these slightly smaller versions- Lady Backpack Coin Bag Wallet Hand Pouch Purse=-are solid colors, and run around 2.60 (also free shipping). According to one almost helpful reader review, the sentence has a grammatical error, which for us only adds to the charm because I suspect it’s Chinglish, and we love Chinglish and Jinglish. But none of the reviewers reported on what the sentence says, and I can’t read it from the pic. Maybe you can?

I also really liked these:

little change purses

Popular High Quality Ladies Retro Classic Nostalgic Sackcloth Coin Case Purses The bike is just 1,83 plus free shipping. The other designs (a camera, the Eiffel tower, a motorcycle), are about 3.50 each, also free shipping.

Use them for change, for mints and little treats for the grandkids in church, spare cash, etc.

Size is 10.5cm x 8cm x 4cm

animal bagsThese are 4.29  with free shipping for a set of four, each with a different animal and a different ‘happy’ saying.  My favorite is “Happy yourself. Happy for someone special. Happy for you,” but you know what? “Rabbit happy.  Happy together you and me.” is awfully fun, too. Animal Canvas Pen Bag Pencil Case, Brand New, Different Colors,set of 4 If you click through there are some other patterns, some striped bags with appliqued cats, and some terrific ‘I Love London’ bags, all for the same great price for a set of four.

Then there’s some fantastically fun costume jewelry- it’s not extremely sturdy stuff (see the prices), but it’s fun, and if you just take a minimal amount of care you will get a lot of use out of these:

brass skullBrass skull necklace
Ordering here is a little bit tricky- they have a lot of things- look for the ‘choose color’ area, where you see about a dozen small pictures. Each of those pics is a different necklace. Pick the one you want to see the price tag. Reviews here are of limited use, since Amazon puts all the reviews for this listing under each of the necklaces.

The skull here is just 2.99, free shipping.

peacock pinWorld Pride Retro Vintage Colorful Crystal Peacock Hairpin Hair Clip
I bought this for Jenny for just 2.98. The colors are much deeper, more vibrant than pictured here. It looks beautiful in her hair.

It’s holding up well.

cross pendant 2
I’ve mentioned the Buyinhouse Retro Vintage Antique Crown Double Cross Pendant with Long Necklace-Antique Silver Style before. It’s 1.99 and free shipping. I bought one for myself because it looks so much like a product in the K-Drama Isis, and I love it. I like funky necklaces with long chains, in case you hadn’t noticed.=)

bottle necklace
Voberry Vintage Hollow Flower Butterfly Pearl Wishing Bottle Pendant Long Chain Leather Necklace: 1.62 plus .98 shipping. I own this one, too. Leather cord, the bottle is only about an inch and a half. The metal filigree fell off, unfortunately, so my suggestion is that you check it and find a way to secure it first, before wearing. But it’s still kind of cool even without it. I still wear mine.

globe necklace
Fashion Vintage Telescope Globe Style Charm Chain Sweater Necklace Pendant

The globe necklace (with binoculars charm) is 3.59, free shipping.  I bought myself one and liked it so well I bought one for Jenny when she was traveling in Europe.  It’s heavy, very pretty (I get lots of compliments), and fun.  The blue is more green in one of the two necklaces, so I assume you should expect some color variations. My grandson has managed three times to unhook the globe, but it was really easy to fix it back in place again.

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Free Kindle Books, Come and Go Listing

Updated all day today, scroll down to see new additions to the list!!

Etsy Selling Success: Cash In On Your Creations is a perfect opportunity for those interested in selling crafts online, but lack technical knowledge. By spending less time on creating and maintaining a website, you can spend more time working on your craft or freeing yourself for other activities.

In this guide, Etsy Shop owner Elyse Reynolds teaches the ins and outs of making money selling selling on Etsy. You will learn how she created a full-time income selling her creations on Here are some of the things you will learn:

…How To Determine If Your Craft Will Sell On Etsy
…Hottest Craft Niches On Etsy
…Setting Up Your Etsy Shop For Maximum Sales
…Photo Tips That Get The Sale
…Pricing Your Product

Online Marketing Strategies:
…Email Newsletters

32 five star reviews, 9 reviews of 3 or fewer.

Reader Review: I have often toyed with the idea of selling my crafts on Etsy but didn’t want to get started off on the wrong foot and end up discouraged with the result. This short and sweet book has taken my apprehension away!!

Ms. Reynolds does an excellent job covering the process from a raw idea to top-notch customer service. She thoroughly explains how to do the research to determine if you have a product that might sell and how to determine price points including the dreaded shipping and handling costs.

From this book I learned: 1) how to do market research; 2) how to price my product; 3) how to set up a professional looking cohesive store brand; 4) how to market though several methods to increase traffic to my Etsy store; 5) how to provide top-notch customer service to people you never meet face-to-face.

I have downloaded many free books on my Kindle and always was happy to say I am glad I didn’t pay. This information in this book would have been worth actually purchasing.

books black and white

The Women of Culann’s Hound

In the time of Christ, in the still-pagan land of Éire, there lived a hero named Cúchulainn, known to the warriors of Ulster as the Hound of Culann. Like Achilles, he was fated to die young, yet his glorious deeds would resound through history. This is the story of the women in his life:
Deichtire, who had given up hope that she could become a mother.
Scáthach, who rejoiced in the arrival of her most brilliant pupil.
Aoife, who met her match on the field of battle, and bore his son.
Emer, who gave him friendship, loyalty, and the precious gift of her love.
Medb, who swore to destroy him.
Fand, whose ravishing beauty stole his heart.
One other there was, who loved and served him all the days of his life…

This is also the story of Tabitha Hill, a woman of the twenty-first century, who unexpectedly finds a hero of the Iron Age invading her dreams… and changing her life.

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The Essays of Arthur Schopenhauer; Studies in Pessimism

rEADER REVIEW: This book is in the public domain, so you can download it legally for free from several sites on the web; you can get this e-book for your Kindle even when Amazon does not offer it.

Arthur Schopenhauer was a German philosopher who lived from 1788-1860; he was influenced among others by Plato and Immanuel Kant, and in his turn influenced Friedrich Nietzsche, Ludwig wittgenstein, Thomas Mann and others. Schopenhauers work is known for its pessimistic views and beautifully written essays. If you like reading philosophy -or would like to try it- then I can recommend reading some of Schopenhauers essays.

This volume contains 9 essays written by Schopenhauer and translated by T.Bailey Saunders, M.A.. These essays where first published in 1851 in ‘Pererga und Paralipomena’. The printed edition has 96 pages. This book includes his (in)famous essay on women, it shows a very negative view on women. I copy a paragraph from this essay at the bottom of this review. I (female) found this essay very amusing, even though he did not mean it in jest and shows his hurt (I think, but this is still being discussed). This volume of essays is a very good example of Schopenhauers work: it shows how beautifully he could write, and it also shows his pessimism for which he is wellknown and which is the core of his philosophy.

The content of this volum:

From the essay ‘Of women’:
With young girls Nature seems to have had in view what, in the
language of the drama, is called _a striking effect_; as for a few
years she dowers them with a wealth of beauty and is lavish in her
gift of charm, at the expense of all the rest of their life; so that
during those years they may capture the fantasy of some man to such a
degree that he is hurried away into undertaking the honorable care of
them, in some form or other, as long as they live–a step for which
there would not appear to be any sufficient warranty if reason only
directed his thoughts. Accordingly, Nature has equipped woman, as she
does all her creatures, with the weapons and implements requisite
for the safeguarding of her existence, and for just as long as it is
necessary for her to have them. Here, as elsewhere, Nature proceeds
with her usual economy; for just as the female ant, after fecundation,
loses her wings, which are then superfluous, nay, actually a danger
to the business of breeding; so, after giving birth to one or two
children, a woman generally loses her beauty; probably, indeed, for
similar reasons.

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Every Day is Like Doomsday

When a misunderstanding lands Elliot Vane in the international school for super villains he learns that the law of the land is to adapt or die. Lucky for him, the Dean of Students knows he’s a fake and has enlisted the help of a sultry Villain named Innya to show him the ropes. Elliot must maneuver through classes with actual evil teachers, defend himself against monstrous bullies who hate him at first sight, avoid Mr. Magnificent, the town Superhero, and find a way to clear his name. But with multiple death sentences on his head will he manage to survive even a week at the Villain Academy, let alone live long enough to clear his name?
Reader review: Hilarious, edgy and fun! Ms. Jones takes us into an unapologetic world that’s exciting and fun and truly reflective of teen-life. It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there and her characters learn to face it head on. And at the same time, she takes the superhero dynamic and turns it around. She makes you root for the bad guys — and that’s a-okay! It’s fun and fresh in our overly saturated world of superheroes and I can’t wait for the 2nd book. Great pace.

I love her main characters and she gives great strength to her main female character which makes me praise this book. Pick it up!

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The Cursed Sun: The End of the World is Already Here      

Destroyed by a nuclear war, the civilization of the Ancients has been dead for over two centuries. Mikel is an innocent man who is accidentally thrust in the struggle between the ruling Mujadeen and the rebellion. Turned outlaw, he carries a warning to the Rebels in their hidden mountain enclave. His perilous journey takes him across the Wasteland, where he is aided by an orphaned girl named Suvan. With her guidance, Mikel traverses the remains of a ruined city, home to the inhuman Mutans and other unspeakable horrors. The message he carries will change the balance of power, and with it, the hopes of humanity.

Reader review: stomer Reviews
3.5 out of 5 stars (2)
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4.0 out of 5 stars A Page-Turner June 29, 2013
By Zeldock
Format:Kindle Edition|Verified Purchase
I downloaded “Malediction” because I had heard that the author was having a summer sale, and I wanted to try another one of his books after reading “Headline” (which for some reason he has retitled Lonely Are The Dead). I’m glad I did — “Malediction” is a very entertaining sci-fi/adventure novel.

It’s set in a postapocalyptic Road Warrior/Planet of the Apes future, with some interesting twists. Much of the narrative involves a dangerous journey by the protagonist. Westwood uses the tried and true one-darn-thing-after-another structure, but he’s quite imaginative in the surprises he dreams up. I found myself naturally eager to know what would happen next.

There are some flaws that a professional editor could have caught. The verb tenses are frequently inconsistent. There are some typos or malapropisms (it’s often hard to tell whether they’re one or other). The ending was too abrupt for my taste, but maybe Westwood has a sequel in mind. And there are a few things that don’t make much sense if you pause to think about them (though that can be a problem even with well-known authors).

Those flaws are easy to ignore because Westwood keeps things moving and has a knack for getting you to care about the characters. I would recommend this if you’re looking for a little fun escapism.

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The Simple Life

Reader Review: I bought this book–dated and translated 1904, but written in French in the 1890′s–at an antique store for a few dollars several years ago. I thought the title was charming, and the process of simplifying my life seems like something I really need to get around to someday. I also thought the book would be a quaint look into days gone by when things were already much simpler than today, and so I presumed the antiquated perspective about life’s complexities would be amusing. I was not expecting this to be a profound read on the level of, say, Walden.

It is indeed a profound read, and I think Thoreau would concur and admire most of the insights here. The author, Charles Wagner, was a serious philoshopher. The book does not contain any religious sentiment that I was able to perceive, but he does ask a few meaningful questions on whether a particular religion is good for a person’s life. The writing style is dense, but not overly taxing. Like Walden, it is not light reading and it does require your exclusive focus, but I was able to read it for about an hour a day without losing interest due to distraction. There is actually an impressive poetic lilt to the language used, and the overall effect is quite elegant, which always amazes me when the book is a translation. I assure you reading this is well worth the effort. I wish I had bought this modern, paperback version, as I wanted to mark hundreds of different points made in the book for later reference. I was reluctant to mark up my mint condition 1904 copy.

What was particularly fascinating was the modernity of the book. Wagner’s references to “modern” stressors could have been written yesterday, and his description of human character and our proclivities is likewise exactly pertinent to 21st-Century Man
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Diary of a Messy Mom: 7 Days to Change My Messy ways

Blurb: The author writes with humor from the perspective of a working single parent of 3 children under the age of 12, who just can’t keep her house clean. From the jackets on the back of chairs to the socks in the living room, the reader is invited to join the author while she makes small changes that have a big impact on the tidiness of her home.

This short book, details the authors journey towards changing her messy ways, in 7 days. She is honest and thoughtful and provides insight into the life of someone that absolutely hates to clean.

It’s a quick read, with great inspiration for others in her situation.

Reader Review: I like to get and read a lot of free organizing books in my Kindle, a lot are so cookie cutter and the same, but this book, albeit not the most in depth or comprehensive book about organizing I’ve read, it was a cute and clever take on the perspective of a messy person determined to get organized, not a type A person dictating how to clean your closets or cabinets, lol. Short fast good read!

books black and white

The Old Homestead

Reader Review: Thanks much to those who converted this book. This book is a look back to the level of skill that was once required. Without the crutch of sex and violence, the author paints pictures of the scenes and characters with words. Once the images are in place, the plot is skillfully moved forward in such a way that you are happy to turn the page (rather than merely want to turn the page).

I agree that this book is probably for a smaller audience. We have become so used to reading sex and violence that ideals like honor and compassion seem to be uninteresting. If the reader is missing these characteristics, this book is not for you.

books black and white

I’m trying something different this time- I will be adding to this post throughout the day, so check back with us to see what else I find!!

books thumbnail

Austerity Housekeeping

NOW INTO SECOND EDITION! Based on the popular and widely syndicated blog, http://www.austerityhousekeeping,, this book is a modern manual for achieving domestic bliss, for people with limited time and money. It covers the basics, but also includes advanced techniques, so everyone can learn something. It is full of straightforward practical advice, based on historic housekeeping strategies that all our grandmothers were taught at school, but completely revised for the 21st century. Checked, reviewed and improved by over twenty busy parents, there is a wealth of information here. Economical menu planning and linked shopping lists, time and money saving healthy recipes, bulk cooking projects, setting up and moving home, interior design, sleep hygiene, streamlined cleaning tips and schedules, financial planning and recovery, tips for a stylish and well kept wardrobe, beauty advice, family time management, coping with Christmas, low cost vacations, the philosophy and psychology of housekeeping, school fete planning, children’s birthday parties on a budget, disaster planning – it’s all in this book.

Two Reader Reviews:
2 out of 5 stars Unless the UK has a different definition for “austere” that we in the US aren’t aware of, the advice in this book is hardly austere. I would have titled this publication “Anal-Retentive, Nitpicky Homemaking for Narcissists.” While the advice could be useful to those with extra time and money on their hands, those whose primary concern is keeping up appearances in front of others, what everyday mom has the time, inclination, or energy to undertake the numerous Martha Stewart-like activities the author suggests? Not I.

4.0 out of 5 stars Great ideas July 5, 2013

Great ideas for more natural ways to keep your house clean, whether you are poor or wealthy. Thanks for making this book free on Kindle!

books black and white

An Essay on the Beautiful From the Greek of Plotinus

In all honesty I believe the translator translated this in such away that it fit more with their own wording and thought processes, I may be wrong since I have no other examples to bass this on. However the preface written by the translator has the exact same sense and feel about it, even incorporating the same psychological feel, both the Intro and the actual Essay, are written in the same round about way. It’s something I used to do in High School and is I would say intellectually childish, it was a process where really nothing was said at all, but was written in such a fashion as to confuse the reader, the reader thus being confused would think that this must be brilliant because a scholar must be needed to understand this. The real question becomes thus, is the Intro written by a person so caught up in the writings of Plotinus that he has adapted his style and perhaps his very personality from Plotinus, or has the translator twisted the works of Plotinus to be like his very writing style? I can’t answer that with out more research, do to the lack of research materials available me…

In all honesty this needs to be read and reread, and I would not recommend this to just anyone, this is a very difficult read, it does go in circles often dropping in unrelated lines, that seem to make no sense what so ever. One could quite frankly develop a migraine reading this.

books black and white

Into the Current

Blurb: —Paula’s tranquil vacation at sea in the Pacific is shattered when she stumbles upon dangerous cargo.—

Paula is stepping into a new chapter of her life. She finally came to terms with the fact that she and her lackluster boyfriend were not meant to be. Breaking things off freed her up to finally pursue her dream: to do Christian volunteer work overseas. But a clean break is not as easy as it sounds, and self-doubt shadows her ambition.

She buys a passenger ticket on the freighter Vintage Verity, hoping that six weeks at sea will help clear her head before she arrives to her new exciting adventure. Little does she know that plenty of adventure is waiting for her on the cruise. Her fellow passengers and crew are not all who they appear to be, the intriguing medic Luke in particular.

Luke is a man with secrets, and a job to do. He was always satisfied with his ability to stay in control, until Paula shakes up his focus.

Soon they are caught in a deadly chase, with no safe haven in sight. To stay alive they’ll have rely on each other.

But will it be enough?

* Note – some themes and language can be considered PG-13

Reader Review: Into the Current is clean, interesting and inspiring. It contains a nice mix of mystery, intrigue and romance. The main characters are flawed, but real. Another reviewer mentioned the use of foul language. There was only one use of it in the book, and if I found myself in the same situation as the character, I think I would let a few choice words fly too. Like I said, the characters are real. Real doesn’t mean perfect. Would definitely recommend this book.

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Unclutter Your Life! How to Tame Your Mess, Calm Your Mind, Lighten your Load

Escape the evil grip of clutter!

Unclutter Your Life: How to Tame Your Mess, Calm Your Mind, and Lighten Your Load reveals exactly how to gain control of your stuff and your life. It’s 40 pages of no-nonsense, simple, straightforward and meaningful information.

Come along on a journey of life assessment, self-discovery and goal setting that brings you closer to living a clutter-free life than ever before. Along the way you’ll learn the health, emotional and time-wasting impacts of clutter in your life and your surroundings. You’ll understand the behavioral and psychological reasons why you clutter. And you’ll know exactly what it takes to break free of clutter’s grip – once and for all!

So scroll up, click “buy” and start to unclutter your life today!

Reader Review: There are many guides out there telling you how you should unclutter. This was the first one I came across that explains why it is so hard. Why are we are so attached to stuff? It reveals the psychological and emotional reasons that frankly I was blissfully unaware of.

So what has this got to do with clutter? Having read the book I believe everything. If you understand why you are racking up the junk in the first place – you will be able to stop. In this regard there were many aha moments for me. I hope this makes sense. The author does an excellent job putting it in perspective.

A well thought through book. Simple,forthright and well organised (as should be as this is a book on de-cluttering!).

Highly recommended for its fresh perspective and simplicity.

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How to Stage Ebay Photos for Increased Profit Book 1

After many years as a seller of antiques and vintage items on Ebay, I have collected quite a few photos. Now is the time to share some of them and to discuss how I staged the items I was selling, in order to attract the interest of buyers.
This is Book 1 in the series and it is the book that explains in detail my approach to staging photos for Ebay. Book 2 is a follow-on book with more photos but less wordy. So best read Book 1 firstly.
I feel the ideas are applicable to all photos, be it kitchen knives or glassware, a teddy or all items in between. Even in this high tech age, a camellia or rose next to a bulky printer will draw the eye to your ad. The item may not sell but the viewer is more likely to take a second look.
So thank you to the writer of my first review, I will be drawing on photos from my past sales, of small items such as are mentioned there, They will indicate my simple techniques apply to just about any object.
I hope you enjoy the books and maybe gain inspiration from my photos.

Reader Review: This book had plenty of tips for staging, it wasn’t quite what I had in mind. The author has beautiful photos for higher end items to post for online sales. I was shopping for books that could help me with more everyday items like housewares, toys etc.

books black and white

The Beautiful An Introduction to Psychological Aesthetics

About the Author
Vernon Lee was the pseudonym of the British writer Violet Paget (1856-1935). She is known mostly for her supernatural fiction. She also wrote essays and poetry. She contributed to The Yellow Book and was a follower of Walter Pater. Her literary works explored the themes of haunting and possession. She was responsible for introducing the concept of empathy into the English language. Empathy was a key concept in Lee’s psychological aesthetics which she developed on the basis of prior work by Theodor Lipps. Her response to aesthetics interpreted art as a mental and corporeal experience. This was a significant contribution to the philosophy of art which has been largely neglected. Additionally she wrote, along with her friend and colleague Henry James, critically about the relationship between the writer and his/her audience pioneering the concept of criticism and expanding the idea of critical assessment among all the arts as relating to an audience’s (or her personal) response. She was a strong proponent of the Aesthetic movement. Among her famous works are: A Phantom Lover (1890), Hauntings (1890) and Art and Life (1896)

Excerpt: Although it is historically probable that the habit of avoiding ugliness and seeking beauty of shape may have been originally established by utilitarian attention to the non-imitative (“geometrical”) shapes of weaving, pottery and implement-making, and transferred from these crafts to the shapes intended to represent or imitate natural objects, yet the distinction between Beautiful and Ugly does not belong either solely or necessarily to what we call Art. Therefore the satisfaction of the shape-perceptive or aesthetic preferences must not be confused with any of the many and various other aims and activities to which art is due and by which it is carried on. Conversely: although in its more developed phases, and after the attainment of technical facility, art has been differentiated from other human employment by its foreseeing the possibility of shape-contemplation and therefore submitting itself to what I have elsewhere called the aesthetic imperative, yet art has invariably started from some desire other than that of affording satisfactory shape-contemplation, with the one exception of cases where it has been used to keep or reproduce opportunities of such shape contemplation already accidentally afforded by natural shapes, say, those of flowers or animals or landscapes, or even occasionally of human beings, which had already been enjoyed as beautiful. All art therefore, except that of children, savages, ignoramuses and extreme innovators, invariably avoids ugly shapes and seeks for beautiful ones; but art does this while pursuing all manner of different aims. These non-aesthetic aims of art may be roughly divided into (A) the making of useful objects ranging from clothes to weapons and from a pitcher to a temple; (B) the registering or transmitting of facts and their visualising, as in portraits, historical pictures or literature, and book illustration; and (C) the awakening, intensifying or maintaining of definite emotional states, as especially by music and literature, but also by painting and architecture when employed as “aids to devotion.” And these large classes may again be subdivided and connected, if the Reader has a mind to, into utilitarian, social, ritual, sentimental, scientific and other aims, some of them not countenanced or not avowed by contemporary morality.

How the aesthetic imperative, i.e. the necessities of satisfactory shape-contemplation, qualifies and deflects the pursuit of such non-aesthetic aims of art can be shown by comparing, for instance, the mere audible devices for conveying conventional meaning and producing and keeping up emotional conditions, viz. the hootings and screechings of modern industrialism no less than the ritual noises of savages, with the arrangements of well constituted pitch, rythm, tonality and harmony in which military, religious or dance music has disguised its non-aesthetic functions of conveying signals or acting on the nerves. Whatever is unnecessary for either of these motives (or any others) for making a noise, can be put to the account of the desire to avoid ugliness and enjoy beauty. But the workings of the aesthetic imperative can best be studied in the Art of the visual-representative group, and especially in painting, which allows us to follow the interplay of the desire to be told (or tell) facts about things with the desire to contemplate shapes, and to contemplate them (otherwise we should not contemplate!) with sensuous, intellectual and empathic satisfaction.

This brings us back to the Third Dimension, of which the possession is, as have we seen, the chief difference between Things, which can alter their aspect in the course of their own and our actions, and Shapes, which can only be contemplated by our bodily and mental eye, and neither altered nor thought of as altered without more or less jeopardising their identity.

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200 Best Kindle Fire Apps

Don’t know which apps to download for your new Kindle Fire? Want to know of the most useful, fun, and intriguing apps in the marketplace. We’ve hand-picked 200 apps to make your Kindle experience easy and fun.

Reviews: “This is very helpful and when I have time I’m going to download some of the apps. However, I sure wish there was a one-deck, four-hand pinochle game app available on the kindlefire. The book helped me out in my hours of looking for this pinochle game by not listing it, so I know there isn’t one for the kindlefire.” ~ Jean M. Fairclough
“It shows good free apps
Captainsparklez to make on ripstick team armature the sidewalk with the woods
How long it takes to ollie on ripstick classic” ~ Keven.frank
“Very useful. Not just apps I want to get, but ideas of other things I might want to search for. I hope it is updated often.” ~ Pnut Butr

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A Beginners Guide to Organic Vegetable Gardening: Introduction to Composting, Worm Farming, No Dig Raised & Wicking Gardens Plus More… (Simple Living)

**Amazon No 1 Best Seller**
Everything to get you started in your organic vegetable garden!
A Beginners Guide to Organic Vegetable Gardening is full of information for the vegetable gardener starting out. Step by step instructions and full of beautiful photographs, tables, plans and graphics.
You will find information on:
Planning your garden
Tools that you may need or find helpful in your garden
Ideas for gardening in small spaces including pallet garden plans and photos
Information and graphics on building wicking garden bed, this hot new concept from Australia
Great information and tips on watering your garden
Organic fertilisers for your garden
Dealing with pests and other common vegetable garden problems
All important mulching
Everything from growing transplanting and collection your seeds
Get the best out of your soil & understanding your soil type
Composting and worm farming basic to improve your soil
The benefits of heirloom plants including a list of the most popular
Basic companion planting including a detailed table
Create a awesome no-dig garden
Plans and instructions to build your own raised garden beds
Additional tips for a healthy garden and introduction to methods for storing your crops
Get involved in your community with an introduction to community gardens

Reader Review: I am very pleased with the information, photos and descriptions in this book. The information is complete and useable. Chapter layout would have been a bit more logical if the soil information was first and then things followed in growing, maintaining, storing manner. Still, recommend due to the very informative and well-presented material.

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A Short History of Greek Philosophy

Reader Review: “Great Introduction!”
“This book was first published in 1891 and is in the public domain. The Kindle edition has 244 pages/2452 locations.

It is a great introduction to Greek philosophy. It covers the time between the first philosopher (Thales of Milete, app. 624 BC- 545 BC) up till the Stoïcs.
This book is easy to read, so it’s perfect for a first introduction to philosophy, you don’t need any prior knowledge of the subject. This book is recommended for anyone who is looking for a free book that’s not very long and gives you the basics of Greek philosophy.

The contents:

-School of Miletes (Thales et al)
-The eleatics (Xenophanes et al)
-The atomists
-The sophists
-The sceptics and epicureans
-The stoïcs
-alphabetical index

As a sample I copy a bit about Thales of Milete (page 3-4/location 69-76) below:
It is interesting to find that the man who was thus the first
philosopher, the first observer who took a metaphysical, non-temporal,
analytical view of the world, and so became the predecessor of all
those votaries of ‘other-world’ ways of thinking,–whether as academic
idealist, or ‘budge doctor of the Stoic fur,’ or Christian ascetic or
what not, whose ways are such a puzzle to the ‘hard-headed practical
man,’–was himself one of the shrewdest men of his day,[...]”

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Amish Faith: Rebekah’s Book (Amish in College 1)

Blurb: Book 1 of the Amish in College Series by Kristina Ludwig, author of the best selling Amish Hearts Series

Rebekah is not your ordinary pre-veterinary student: she’s only seventeen years old, and she’s Amish!

On the surface, Rebekah seems to be adjusting well to college life. She’s dating Braeden, a sophomore hottie, and she’s even getting along with her flighty, messy roommate Allie. But as Rebekah struggles with her demanding classes and the competitive atmosphere on campus, she realizes that there is something missing from her college experience: the beautiful Amish faith that she grew up with.

Rebekah visits her Amish community, where she is pressured by her family and the church elders to rejoin the Amish faith. She faces gut-wrenching questions: Can she bring her faith to college life, or must she return to live among the Amish? Can she find a way to excel academically, or will freshman biology and chemistry steal away her dreams? And is there a place for Braeden in her life, or must she leave her love behind to be true to her faith?

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Pioneer Work in Opening the Medical Profession to Women

“Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell was the first woman ever educated in an American medical school. This is a story of success by perseverance and personal sacrifice. She has no funding: she goes on. She has no mentors: she goes alone. She has no money for a cab: she walks. She wears out her shoes and avoids places where she can’t look shabby. She loses an eye, and gives up her dream of being a surgeon, embracing general medicine instead. She endures insults, humiliation, and profound loneliness. But she believes she is making a future possible for American women doctors, so nothing, nothing stands in her way for long. And I thought medical school was hard! The old farts who harassed us women med students in the 1980′s could only dream of tormenting us like 19th century gentlemen tormented her. I would love to be able to thank her, both for making life better for women, and for her beautifully written and amazingly upbeat book about breaking the bonds. ” – Amazon Reviewer

Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell was the first woman ever educated in an American medical school. This is a story of success by perseverance and personal sacrifice. She has no funding: she goes on. She has no mentors: she goes alone. She has no money for a cab: she walks. She wears out her shoes and avoids places where she can’t look shabby. She loses an eye, and gives up her dream of being a surgeon, embracing general medicine instead. She endures insults, humiliation, and profound loneliness. But she believes she is making a future possible for American women doctors, so nothing, nothing stands in her way for long. And I thought medical school was hard! The old farts who harassed us women med students in the 1980′s could only dream of tormenting us like 19th century gentlemen tormented her. I would love to be able to thank her, both for making life better for women, and for her beautifully written and amazingly upbeat book about breaking the bonds.

Of note: this edition is a xerox of the original and at times a little hard to make out on the page. Acceptable, but not a very pretty edition.

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By Summer’s End (Christian Fiction)

Blurb: When Holly Holton is willed a house by a great uncle she met only one time, she’s confused but happy. As guardian to her fifteen-year-old half-sister, with whom she doesn’t get along, she hopes that moving will be a catalyst for change in their relationship. The young women fall in love with their new home, but unfortunately, are unaware of a condition of home ownership that may destroy their newfound happiness. Much is at stake, particularly for Holly and handsome neighbor Ryan McGraw. The two develop feelings for one another—but will a series of obstacles prevent the two from finding happiness together? Or will God assure a happy ending for all?

Reader Review: It was so inspiring to read a book that shares a testimony of God’s love for His children and the faith that Holly had in her Father in Heaven.
I would encourage my friends to read all of Rosemarie Naramore’s books.

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For Love or Loyalty: The MacGregor Legacy | Book 1 (MacGregor Legacy #1)

To atone for her father’s evil, Lauren Campbell agrees to help Malcolm MacGregor. By the time she realizes she’s the bargaining price to free Malcolm’s mother from indentured servitude, it’s too late.

Malcolm MacGregor only wants to free his family and exact revenge against Duncan Campbell. As the pride and joy of Duncan’s life, his daughter Lauren is the perfect answer, but during the voyage to America, her faith continues to witness to Malcolm. He becomes enraptured with her, and upon their arrival, discovers he’s sold her into a fate worse than death. Now Malcolm has the dilemma: free his family or rescue Lauren? Time is short and with little means, he needs a miracle.

Lots of highly positive reader reviews.

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Time Management, Jesus’ Way

Time Management, Jesus’ Way takes a closer look at how Jesus managed to accomplish all the Father designed for Him to do, without the chaos we often feel today. Thirty lessons with discussion questions allow you to consider Jesus’ example as a part of a personal devotional plan or small group study. Originally published in 2005, it has been added as an e-book for readers to enjoy now.

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“The Names Of God From A To Z Explained: Exploring God’s Character With 1000+ Names Of God And Their Meanings” (The names of God, Names of God)

Blurb: “The Names Of God From A To Z Explained: Exploring God’s Character With 1000+ Names Of God And Their Meanings”

Today only, get this Kindle book for just $2.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet, or Kindle device.

If you are someone who wants to know the mysteries and secrets of the names of God from Genesis to Revelation, the names of God in the Old and New Testament, and the names of God with scripture references, then you’re about to discover how to get the names of God and their meanings RIGHT NOW!

Here Is A Preview Of What You Will Learn

In fact, if you want to know the names of God bible verses, then this new eBook – “The Names Of God From A To Z Explained: Exploring God’s Character With 1000+ Names Of God And Their Meanings” – gives you the answers to five important questions and challenges anyone faces, including:

What Are The Names Of God And Their Meanings?
What Are The Names Of God Meditations I Can Use For Study?
What Are The Names Of God The Father?
What Are The Names Of God Revealed To Abraham?
Explain The Names Of God Used In Psalms
… and more!

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Selah of the Summit

Selah is a slavegirl who fetches water from a well. She sees the distant mountains and
imagines things she has never known–like trees, stars, lakes, and snow. Her Master Regan and The Craft have
kept nature from the valleys, damning rivers and turning all to desert. They weave their material spells upon
the slaves, and nothing ever changes.
Then, one day, Regan summons Selah to serve him at a banquet. As she fills a goblet, a stranger
in a hooded cloak speaks to her and gives her one unmelted snowflake. That very night, the stranger named
Micah leads Selah outside the Keep and across the valley, to meet a band of
travelers. They journey through
hills, moors, and highlands to Mountain Gate. Selah finds beauty, music, and love in the mountains. Regan and his soldiers follow, capture
Selah, and imprison her
again. She must face loneliness
and The Craft to reunite with Micah and journey to the Summit.

Reader Review: This is a lovely fantasy novel–yes, there are bad guys and stressful situations, yet the overall message is so supportive that it never got depressing . . . Did I enjoy the book? Definitely–it was a great read. It is a wonderful break from some of the far more “in your face” stories that seem to fill most bookstores these days . . . This book and its anticipated sequels are at least partially intended as an alternative to current fantasy novels for children, such as the “Harry Potter” series. “Selah” is an enjoyable story, and one I’d recommend. I look forward to reading more from Lonna Williams. Reviewed by Barbara Carlson, News Editor for “California Homeschool News.”

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Diabetes Cure: How to Reverse Type 2 Diabetes Naturally with Healthy Food, Diet, and Exercise (Diabetes Diet – Your Ticket to Beating this Disease Naturally and Effectively)

Diabetes Cure is the book that you have been waiting for. This common condition affects millions of people around the world, and with it comes a number of life changing events. Life is never the same after a diabetes diagnosis, or is it? While he doctor can write out a prescription all day long, learning how to cure diabetes is what it is all about, and the goal of this book. We will look at proven natural ways that you can cure type 2 diabetes and put this condition behind you forever. There is plenty of practical and useful information tucked inside of each page of this guide, and it is all going to provide you with numerous benefits that you cannot afford to miss. Diabetes is not a condition to take lightly, and thanks to this guide it is not something that you must worry over. a brief paragraph or two describing what the book is about, what they will learn, the benefits, etc…

A Preview to Diabetes Cure

There’s so much that you can learn when reading this book. Take a look:
1. What is Type 2 Diabetes? We will take an inside look at type 2 diabetes and how it affects your life.
2. Who is at risk for developing type 2 diabetes and what can be done about it? We have those very important details here.
3. Can diabetes be prevented? What is pre-diabetes? Wonder no more as we provide these answers.
4. What foods are okay to consume when you have diabetes and want to find the cure? We will help you learn more about the nutritional guidelines for type 2 diabetes patients.
5. How many people in America have diabetes? How many of those people are living with type 2 diabetes? The answer might shock you but we are here to help you learn.
6. What kind of exercises should you be doing if you have diabetes? Learn the best exercises that you can do, and you may not even feel like you are working out at all!
7. There is so much more inside of the guide that will help you finally put an end to diabetes and get back your life!

Reader Testimonials

“Nice little book full of information, written so that I can understand it without the need for a college degree. Lots of tips and information. Certainly a good book worth the read if you are concerned about diabetes.” – Linda W. Portsmouth, VA

“I found this guide to be very helpful and inspiring as well. Tons of facts and information inside, not to mention other helpful resources. A guide that I would highly recommend to anyone affected by diabetes in any way.” – Amy H. New York City

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The Healthiest Foods You Can Eat Today: The Secret Power of Foods for Weight Loss, Healthy Skin, Gaining Muscle, Detoxification and Much More

Blurb: I found this book while doing research on the best diets foods, and was pleased with the premise and simplicity. The author does not dwell on what not to eat, but rather the healthy alternatives, while listing the known benefits of each. At just the right length, Jennifer Grant has made the reader a quick reference for the benefits of these foods. Recommended read for anyone looking to bolster their healthy library.
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100 Days of Awe: Breathtaking Moments for a Catch-Your-Breath World

This is a “coffee table” book for an iPad and Kindle world! Page through more than 100 gorgeous nature photographs by the award-winning author and photographer, and remember that spellbinding, soul-nourishing natural beauty is all around us…if we just slow down to look.
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Daily Scripture Reading and Meditation: 31 Bible Verses About Faith – To Keep You Overcoming! (Daily Devotional)

From some of the reader reviews, written from a charismatic, sinner’s prayer perspective.

This essential Daily Scripture Reading and Meditation tool will help you to develop your trust and confidence in God starting with 31 Key portions of Scripture featured in full text in 4 popular translations (The King James Version, The Message, The Amplified Bible and The New American Standard Bible).

It includes my personal testimony in the introduction, a note of encouragement,what is scripture meditation and the benefits of scripture meditation.

From Day 1 to Day 31 you have your Daily Scripture Readings in 4 translations, Thought for Today and Prayer for each day! There is one set of Biblical Meditation Tips that has been included on each day’s page for ease of reference.

Reader Review: This book is another powerful book by author, Gloria Coleman. There are 31 days of daily scripture reading and meditation on faith to help build and grow your faith to live a victorious life. She reveals why it’s so beneficial and important to meditate on God’s Word every day. Each daily reading has a scripture to meditate on, thought for the day, tip and prayer. I highly recommend this book to anyone who wants be an overcomer!

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Sinful Folk: TREE & MONASTERY: (includes Book 2 & 3)

PART 2 of the Best-selling historical novel:

A tragic loss. A desperate journey. A mother seeks the truth.

In December of 1377, four children were burned to death in a house fire. Villagers traveled hundreds of miles across England to demand justice for their children’s deaths.

Sinful Folk is the story of this terrible mid-winter journey as seen by Mear, a former nun who has lived for a decade disguised as a mute man, raising her son quietly in this isolated village. For years, she has concealed herself and all her history. But on this journey, she will find the strength to redeem the promise of her past. Mear begins her journey in terror and heartache, and ends in triumph and transcendence.

The remarkable new novel by Ned Hayes, ill…

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Frosted Shadow, a Toni Diamond Mystery: Toni Diamond Mysteries

There’s nothing pretty about murder.
Meet Toni Diamond, make up artist to middle America. She’s got a nose for trouble and a passion for solving mysteries. Imagine Columbo in a lavender suit. She never met a woman who wouldn’t look better with a little help from the Lady Bianca line of cosmetics. But don’t be fooled by appearances. Underneath the fake diamonds and the big hair is a sharp brain and a keen eye that sees the details as well as the funny side of life. When a Lady Bianca sales rep is murdered at the annual convention in Dallas, Toni is the one who notices things that some people, like sexy Detective Luke Marciano, might easily miss. Only someone who understands as much about how to make appearances deceiving could see into the mind of this killer — a murderer who wants to give Toni a permanent makeover. Into a dead woman.

At the sales convention, Toni has to deal with her arch rival Nicole Freedman, a woman who would stab Toni in the back if it would get her the coveted top sales award. She’s got her own beauty consultants to encourage, her mother who’s taken Dolly Parton as her pattern and her patron saint, her daughter Tiffany, who, at sixteen, is mortified by everything her mother does. Including breathing.

In this humorous, cozy mystery, complete with a wily and entertaining amateur female sleuth, a sexy police officer, a murder or two, a little comedy and some racy scenes, a suburban cosmetics sales woman matches wits with a fiendish murderer.

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Getting Organized:

I sometimes find myself with time to kill while my kids are in the tub or doing something nearby but with no cleaning supplies nearby to work with. I’ve been wanting to get better organized for a long time, but this week gave me the concentrated time to see the project to completion. I bought what I needed and created a cleaning caddy for each bathroom. Each item is has its home clearly labeled so even if my kids take them from where they go, I will know where to put them back. I also wrote the contents on the side of each box so that I can quickly see if anything is missing later on.

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ObamaCare Architect On State Vs Federal Exchanges

Watch Obamacare Architect Jonathan Gruber Admit in 2012 That Subsidies Were Limited to State-Run Exchanges

Why should you care? Who exactly is Gruber and what difference does it make?
1. “Earlier this week, a three-judge panel in the D.C. Circuit Court ruled that, contrary to the Obama administration’s implementation and an Internal Revenue Service rule, Obamacare’s subsidies for private health insurance were limited to state-run health exchanges.”

2. But Obamacare defenders insist this is a totally ridiculous reading of the law.

3. Unfortunately for them, Gruber, “One of the law’s architects—at the same time that he was a paid consultant to states deciding whether or not to build their own exchanges—was espousing exactly this interpretation as far back in early 2012, and long before the Halbig suit—the one that was decided this week against the administration—was filed. (A related suit, Pruitt v. Sebelius, had been filed earlier, but did not challenge tax credits within the federal exchanges until an amended version which was filed in late 2012.) It was also several months before the first publication of the paper by Case Western Law Professor Jonathan Adler and Cato Institute Health Policy Director Michael Cannon which detailed the case against the IRS rule. ”

This is not the first time Gruber’s been caught deceiving us over ObamaCare. We paid him for that, too – he received a $400,000 dollar paycheck, courtesy of the taxpayers.

Here’s what he said (then):

What’s important to remember politically about this is if you’re a state and you don’t set up an exchange, that means your citizens don’t get their tax credits— but your citizens still pay the taxes that support this bill. So you’re essentially saying [to] your citizens you’re going to pay all the taxes to help all the other states in the country. I hope that that’s a blatant enough political reality that states will get their act together and realize there are billions of dollars at stake here in setting up these exchanges. But, you know, once again the politics can get ugly around this.

Here is his laughable, mock-worthy defense now:

Gruber told The New Republic that he had made a mistake:

“I was speaking off-the-cuff. It was just a mistake. People make mistakes. Congress made a mistake drafting the law and I made a mistake talking about it,” Gruber told The New Republic’s Jonathan Cohn. “But there was never any intention to literally withhold money, to withhold tax credits, from the states that didn’t take that step. That’s clear in the intent of the law and if you talk to anybody who worked on the law. My subsequent statement was just a speak-o—you know, like a typo.”

A second recording has surfaced showing Gruber making similar statements about subsidies not being available on federally run exchanges. Asked over email whether those remarks were a mistake, too, Gruber wrote back, “same answer.”

A speak-o?! What a coincidence that the DC Circuit court made almost the same ‘speak-o’ based on their plain reading of the law as written. Unfortunately for Gruber, when he made the same remarks again at another function, he was reading from his prepared remarks. Not so off the cuff after all.

Less amusing is reporter Adam Serwer’s rhetorical questions about how the court will rule on this:

Far more than Gruber’s remarks or the appearance of hypocrisy on the part of the justices, the main political question for the Supreme Court is whether it is willing to strip millions of people of their ability to purchase affordable health insurance.

Pointing to another legal analyst who made a similar observation, Hasen asked, “Is Roberts, and I would say, is Kennedy, going to be willing to deny health care subsidies to millions of people because of what Jon Stewart has called a typo?”

Millions of people already lost their doctors, their insurance, their right to keep the doctor and insurance they liked and already had thanks to the Democrats in Congress and President Obama. But Serwer works for the Democrat party, er, I mean, MSNBC.

Gruber isn’t the only one caught lying in connection to promoting Obamacare, either.

More about Gruber’s twists and turns here:

In a January 10, 2012, speech to the Jewish Community Center of San Francisco, he said the following:

“The third risk, and the one folks aren’t talking about, which may be most important of all, is the role of the states. Through a political compromise, it was decided that states should play a critical role in running these health insurance exchanges. And health insurance exchanges are the centerpiece of this reform, because they are the place that individuals can go to shop for their new, securely priced health insurance. But if they are not set up in a way which is transparent, and which is convenient for shoppers, and which allow people to take their tax credits and use them effectively by health insurance, it will undercut the whole purpose of the bill.

Now a number of states have expressed no interest in doing so. A number of states—like California, has been a real leader—one of, I think it was the first state to pass an exchange bill. It’s been a leader in setting up its exchange. It’s a great example. But California is rare. Only about 10 states have really moved forward aggressively on setting up their exchanges. A number of states have even turned down millions of dollars in federal government grants as a statement of some sort—they don’t support health care reform.

Now, I guess I’m enough of a believer in democracy to think that when the voters in states see that by not setting up an exchange the politicians of a state are costing state residents hundreds and millions and billions of dollars, that they’ll eventually throw the guys out. But I don’t know that for sure. And that is really the ultimate threat, is, will people understand that, gee, if your governor doesn’t set up an exchange, you’re losing hundreds of millions of dollars of tax credits to be delivered to your citizens.” [emphasis added]

Gruber reiterates in the speech that he “helped the Obama administration” craft the legislation.

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Ground Beef Sukiyaki

2 lbs ground beef
2 Tablespoons of molasses
1/3 cup soy sauce
1/4 cup A-1 Steak sauce
salt to taste (not much)
6 oz can of sliced mushrooms
2 medium onions, sliced very thin
1 green pepper sliced in thin strips
6 scallions cut in 1 inch pieces
1 cup thinly sliced celery
1 8 oz can water chestnuts, thinly sliced
1 8 oz can bamboo shoots
1 Tablespoon cornstarch or arrowroot powder
cooked rice.


In large skillet brown beef until crumbly. In small bowl, mix molasses, soy sauce, A-1 steak sauce, and salt. Set aside. Drain mushrooms, reserving lidquid. When meat is cooked, mix in vegetables. Add sauce. Simmer 3 minutes or until vegetables are just crisp-tender. Combine cornstarch or arrowroot powder with the reserved mushroom liquid. Stir into simmering sukiyaki. Cook while stirring, just until sauce thickens and is not so milky in appearance.

Serve over rice.

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Chicken Liver Pâté

chicken liver quoteChicken Liver Pâté

1 Tablespoon olive oil

1/2 chopped onion

1 garlic clove, chopped or minced

5 oz of chicken livers

3 1/2 ounces of butter or bacon grease

Salt and freshly ground black pepper

1 or 2 pieces of bacon, cooked, minced (optional, but WHY?)


Heat the oil or cook the bacon in a frying pan and fry the onion and garlic until soft, but not coloured.

Add the chicken livers and fry on both sides until golden brown all over.  Then allow it all to cool for a few minutes.

Place the butter, cooked bacon (if you’re using it) and the chicken liver mixture intto a food processor and chop in spurts to form a smooth paste.

Season to taste with salt and freshly ground black pepper, then spoon the Pâté into a bowl.

If you want to serve it right away, chill in the freezer for a few minutes.  Otherwise, just cover and chill in the fridge and eat as desired.


The Cherub has low iron levels, so I like to cook up a package of chicken livers each week and then just give one or two livers for lunch, with a couple generous spoonfuls of Kkakdugi (깍두기) (cubed radish kimchi) on the side.

But this week I wanted a change, so we’re having this in the fridge and she’ll have some spread on a rice cake or a ‘flacker,’ a rosemary flaxseed cracker that has no wheat, eggs, or corn products, so the Cherub can eat it.

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Gotta Watch This

Trey Gowdy vs Irs Commissioner John Koskinen again.

Reminds Koskinen that he testified under oath to Congress that ‘We confirmed’ the Lerner emails and hard-drives were gone, gone, gone and there were no back-ups existed. Asks Koskinen to please explain who this ‘we’ is and how does he define the word ‘confirm,’ and is he still ‘confirmed’ about this?

Thanks to the Daily Caller, and I agree with their take that Koskinen looks considerably less snotty and smug here.

More here.

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