This is not okay.

This is a photograph of a heavy, strong male holding female down, immoblizing her against her will in front of approving school administrators.  In the name of progress, diversity, and tolerance.

Believing this is okay, or God help us, even an admirable thing, is the worse sort of gaslighting. It’s vile.  This is a boy and a girl, not two girls.

That boy has been badly served by his community, his family, his health care providers.  He did not get the sort of help he really deserved and needed.  He is being harmed.  And so are the girls he competes against in wrestling.

South Dakota is considering a bill to stop this kind of thing.  It’s horrific that we need a law.

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Tidbits in the news

CNN’s Jim Accosta is not a reporter, not a journalist.  He is an activist and a fabulist.  Seriously, he is an increasing embarrassment to anybody who takes him seriously.

Read this and see why.


Hoke was right.   The church organization where he served as an elder is the equivalent of the worst of the seven churches of Revelation.

 NY Times Reveals FBI Retaliated Against Trump For Comey Firing

This is not fishy at all. 

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Book Bargains

Finding Truth, by Nancy Pearcey, is 1.99 for the Kindle version right now.
Affiliate link
Amazon blurb:

Don’t Think, Just Believe?
That’s the mantra in many circles today–whether the church, the classroom, the campus, or the voting booth.

Time for a Reality Check

Nancy Pearcey, bestselling and critically acclaimed author, offers fresh tools to break free from presumed certainties and test them against reality. In Finding Truth, she explains five powerful principles that penetrate to the core of any worldview–secular or religious–to uncover its deepest motivations and weigh its claims.

A former agnostic, Pearcey demonstrates that a robust Christian worldview matches reality–that it is not only true but attractive, granting higher dignity to the human person than any alternative.

Finding Truth displays Pearcey’s well-earned reputation for clear and cogent writing. She brings themes to life with personal stories and real-world examples. The book includes a study guide shaped by questions from readers, from teens to college professors. It is ideal for individual or group study.
You don’t need a kindle. You can download a free kindle app to your phone or laptop.
R. C. Sproul’s Not a Chance; God, Science, and the Revolt Against Reason, 256 pages, 1.59 for the Kindle version.
Free book by Michael Philips, who writes engaging historical Christian fiction. This is about a family of five orphaned children traveling west during the gold rush.  The little group is headed by their 15 year old sister who tells the story in her journals.
Free, Captain Blood by Rafael Sabatini- riproaring adventure story set in the 17ty century from the Monmouth Rebellion against King James to the ascension of Dutch prince William of Orange to the British throne.  Captain Peter Blood is a bit of an adventurer. He studied medicine, then preferred life as a soldier for a time, spent some time in a Spanish prison, and now has settled down to practice medicine in a quiet English village- only he gets caught up against his will in the Rebellion and ends up sold as a slave in one of the British island colonies, until he escapes.  It’s a fun story, although quite dates in the references to the African slaves (‘her Negroes…’ )
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A surprise guest

Our first snow in two years and it’s a doozy.

I like it when I am warm and cozy inside and everybody else is too. It is a great time to read from Whittier’s Snowbound or some Longfellow. Or anything, really. It is reading weather (pro-tip: all weather is reading weather). So after doing some cleaning and reorganizing for a bit and posting pictures of the snow for my friends back in the Philippines (who were gratifyingly complimentary), I took a few bòoks and climbed under a pile of blankets.

Had to leave my blankets because we had an unexpected guest drop in on us.




I caught it under the bucket and then, having done my part of the physical work, I hung back and advised my husband how *he* could pick young Chipster up and put it in the tub. I even fetched the flat bit of cardboard and had it all ready for the Man of the House to use while I filmed the exploit from a non-rabies inducing distance.

Critter is clearly injured somehow or I never could have caught it. It holds its head sideways. I kind of think it got caught in a mousetrap.

We are currently feeding it and keeping it quiet in a tub in the garage to show grandkids later. After that, i don’t know.



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If reason were like hauling…

‘The testimony of many has little more value than that of few, since the number of people who reason well in complicated matters is much smaller than that of those who reason badly. If reasoning were like hauling I should agree that several reasoners would be worth more than one, just as several horses can haul more sacks of grain than one can. But reasoning is like racing and not like hauling, and a single Barbary steed can outrun a hundred dray horses…’
Galileo on why consensus is irrelevant to whether or not he was right.

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