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Blynken and Nod

The boys moved down south right around the time we moved to the Philippines.  We moved because they seemed less than interested in spending time with us anymore.  Then some stuff came up in their lives and they started asking our kids when we were coming back and what we were doing and one of […]

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Isaac Watts’ Advice to the Young, Cont.

Previously X. Maintain a constant watch at all times against a dogmatical spirit; fix not your assent to any proposition in a firm and unalterable manner, till you have some firm and unalterable ground for it, and till you have arrived at some clear and sure evidence; till you have turned the proposition on all […]

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Isaac Watts Gives Excellent Advice to the Young

IN the previous installment of this series, Watts was giving some rather acerbic advice calculated to keep his young readers humble about their intellects. Now he ameliorates it: Here note, many of the foregoing advices are more peculiarly proper for those who are conceited of their abilities, and are ready to entertain a high opinion […]

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Isaac Watts on Getting Wisdom, cont

HE explained here the necessity of improving the mind. He shared his ideas on how to motivate oneself to pursue his area of self-development, self-=improvement. Having explained why, now he explains some specifics on what to do- and what to avoid: 1. Take a wide survey now and then of the vast and unlimited regions […]

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Isaac Watts on Getting Wisdom

Previously Isaac Watts, according to my understanding of his preface, essentially spent 20 years or so creating a commonplace book and journal of thoughts and reflections about thinking and philosophy (meta-cognition, says my newly Mastered of Education husband).  Then he polished it up a bit and published it as a little book called The improvement […]

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