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PTSD: Therapy Post Update

I was looking up something else and happened to come across one of my older PTSD posts, and then that led to reading a couple others (and here and here).  It’s like reading somebody else’s writing, or reading something I wrote about a different person instead of myself. Moving to the Philippines is probably not […]

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Arguing with a Psychopath

I touched on this stuff a bit in a previous post on how to help your children stop arguing with you about everything. While I hope there is some tension breaking haha moments in the rest of this post, please know it is also not really funny.  It is about living with abuse. In that […]

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Crochet Therapy and Projects

I am not even remotely an expert or an experienced crocheter. Of course, if we define experienced as ‘has made a thousand lopsided, knotty washcloths and unraveled probably 834 of them,’ then, yes, I have experience. I think the unraveling and redoing was as valuable an experience as any other I’ve tried. Somewhere around the […]

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Updates, Patchkits, Life, and Other Soul-baring Ramblings

Therapy today: good and bad. The therapist thinks the FYG is overdoing it with her therapy work at home (nor surprise)  and the surgeon dismissed her too soon (no duh).  It’s almost 3 months later, and the FYG’s leg is still swollen, gets sore too much, the leg is still inflamed and she is not […]

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