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The Flaws in Wrinkle in Time Movie Are Deliberate

REad here. “In an interview with Screen Rant, writer Jennifer Lee explained why she took out the Christian themes and Bible references from the book. “It wasn’t removed, it was just opened up in language that wasn’t exclusive, guardian angels versus stars, are they the same thing? Maybe,” Lee said. She emphasized “inclusivity,” saying, “Since we’re […]

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Isaac Watts, More on Improving the Mind Through Observation

Previously III. More on Observation …in giving a few directions. concerning this method of improvement, I shall not so narrowly confine myself to the first mere impression of objects on the mind by observation, but include also some hints which relate to the first most easy and obvious reflections, or reasonings which arise from them. […]

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Mere Christianity Doodles: Moral Law vs Natural Law

From the description: “This talk was called ‘Some Objections’ in Chapter 2 of Lewis’ book ‘Mere Christianity’. Illustrations of the Moral Law/Natural Law found in other times and cultures are taken from the appendix to the book ‘The Abolition of Man’ by C.S. Lewis and is available for viewing here: You can find the book […]

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More Free Kindle Books; Christian, Devotional, Spiritual…

  Most of these will continue to be free indefinitely, but some of them are merely free for a day or two to promote a wider readership. Please be careful to check the prices first. Gravity True For You But Not For Me: the author recently edited the book to correct some errors and clarify […]

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