Low-Carb Midnight Snack

Toasted cheese ‘crackers’, green olives stuffed with garlic, ,Racconto Oven Roasted Tomato Pesto,* and my usual water glass with 8-10 drops of apricot stevia* and two tablespoons of lemon juice.

To make the cheese thing-gummies- I take a block of sharp cheddar cheese and a vegetable peeler and peel a rectangle of thin cheese. Heat a skillet to medium or medium-high. Carefully set the cheese slices down on the hot skillet, spaced so they don’t touch. When the corners are golden brown, you can either flip them (carefully, this takes practice, and you will find some will roll up on you), or lift them out of the pan with the pancake turner (both options require some real careful work with the pancake turner, carefully scraping at corners), set them on a plate to cool.
If you flip them, they will be very hard and crunchy. Sometimes I am in the mood for really crunchy, sometimes not so much.

The pesto, well, I really scored with this. There is a large super discount store about an hour from here. I go perhaps four times a year, usually with a friend or my mother. You can never count on what you will find there- they have things like salvage from wrecked trucks, or the stock from a store going out of business, or overstocks- who knows? Their prices are amazing, with a few exceptions you have to watch for. The pesto was .50 for a jar. The ingredients are: tomatoes, dried tomatoes, olive oil, water, black olives, basil, onion, chili pepper, marjoram, thyme, and garlic. 1 Tablespoon has less than one gram of carbs.

The Apricot Stevia I buy through our co-op whenever it is on sale, when I pay anywhere from 6-9 dollars a bottle. But you wouldn’t believe how long this stuff lasts! I have been having it in two to three glasses a day for about three weeks now, Jenny loves it, and Pip has it from time to time, and the level in the bottle is still only about 2/3 full (and it had already been used quite a few times before I started drinking it regularly).

The garlic stuffed olives are a luxury item. I buy them through the co-op or on sale, but that means I pay, at best, 4.00 for a jar, more often 5.00.

But, man, they are so yummy.

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