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Sea Shanties are in for 2021!!

I am pretty excited about that.  If you are of the tik-tok generation, this is ancient news, really, really OLD stuff, but I prefer not to see time passing by as though we had the lifespan of fruitflies. In December a young Scottish man named Nathan Evans posted a video of himself singing a sea […]

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K-drama, C-Drama

I kind of dropped Turkish dramas just because they are way too long.  I still like the ones I watched- light, rom-commy stuff.  I dabbled in a couple more serious ones, and disliked them immensely. BTW, there is going to be no order at all in this post.  We will take things as they come […]

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More Black Poetry

Louise Curran on black poets:

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Carter G. Woodson, Father of Black History

For children about six to 10 (or older, I thoroughly enjoyed it), you simply must read the McKissack’s engaging biography, Carter G. Woodson, The Father of Black History Pero daglo Dagbovie has a 280 something page book or resource online here, Willing to SAcrifice.  I am struggling with reading long text online, so I am not […]

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Poetry a Necessity Against Materialism

IF fairies and flowers are necessary to the growth of a child’s spirit, poetry is not a luxury and it is more than a recreation for leisure hours. It is a necessity, like fresh air and sunshin,e and it is the necessity of poetry and of the cultivation of the poetic spirit that requires recognition […]

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