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Ocean stuff

For biology reading in high school. These are a few of the things I had my son read for his biology class in high school:   Cone Shells/Snails- Conus marmoreus Octopuses and other cephalapods: “The “central dogma” of molecular biology holds that cells convert DNA sequences to RNA, which then manufactures the […]

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Charlotte Mason Education: Nature Study

Many people put off nature study and the nature journals that go along with a Charlotte Mason education.  They put it off until they know more, until they are more confident, until they have a schedule down, until they’ve learned more.  There’s nothing wrong with this- to a point. The problem is when a delay […]

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What About Teaching Evolution

Continuing my discussion of living science texts for kids: Regarding evolution- I think kids should be taught what other people believe and why- how in depth is possibly subject for debate, but I don’t think either side should be utterly ignorant about the other’s beliefs in as fair minded a way as we can manage. […]

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What we need in a science text

Science: “‘Scientific truths,’ said Descartes, ‘are battles won.’ Describe to the young the principal and most heroic of these battles; you will thus interest them in the results of science and you will develop in them a scientific spirit by means of the enthusiasm for the conquest of truth . . . How interesting Arithmetic […]

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CM Science

I. Stem Science begins at birth, but for six years it has nothing to do with  ‘academics:’ Science begins with: Baths: splashing, floating, dropping things in the water, kicking, and more.   Food: smearing it, fingering it, smelling it, wiping it on one’s face, and sometimes, eating it.   Dropping things, over and over and […]

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