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When Adoption Is Kidnapping

I don’t know the ins and outs of this case, and I can’t take the time it would take to investigate, and I’m not sure even then I’d be able to find enough reliable facts for me to make an accurate determination.  I also don’t think that my opinion of the specifics is relevant. But […]

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Christian? Adoptive Parent? You Selfish, Evil Child-Catcher, You

There’s a new book by Kathryn Joyce,  condemning Christians who adopt as ‘child catchers,’ like the villain in Chitty Chitty Bang, Bang. NPR, of course, loves it and gave the author air time.  If you have adopted, as our family has, know somebody else who has, or know anything at all about the majority of […]

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Adoption and Culture Shock

Edited repost On December 12th, 2002 2000, we had three children, ages 2, and roughly 8 and 9. On December 13th we got two more girls, and the new kids were nearly 4 and nearly 6. Yes, our lives changed radically! I would say it was two years before I started to see the light […]

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After the Airport…

If you’ve ever thought of adoption, even a little bit, you should read this. If you know anybody at all who has adopted or is thinking about adoption, you should read this and consider passing it on. But Brandon and I decided some time ago to go at this honestly, with truthful words and actual […]

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These two posts from the same blog on how to support friends and acquaintances who are adopting children, especially children from ‘hard places’ and are excellent. Post One Post Two Here’s what worked for us: Spend lots of time with the new children. Do not let them spend lots of time with other people. They […]

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