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Charlotte Mason Still Not Just About Narration

Excerpt from a post from last year: As somebody else somewhere said, a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. I don’t know about that, but I do know that sometimes a little knowledge can be a misleading thing. Charlotte Mason wrote six books outlining her theories on education. She wrote the first book for children […]

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Why is courtesy part of Justice?

Because when we are courteous we are thinking of the other person. To be just we must be able to put ourselves in the other person’s shoes, and then base our opinion on what we find. And, since having courtesy is a sign of good manners, here are some quotes to go along- “Manners are […]

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"Ourselves" Narration

5. How may we ascertain the just dues of other persons?By thinking fairly about them all the time, considering what we would think were our just dues and giving them to the other person. Thinking fairly all the time is an act requiring constant hard work and self-control, and as C. Mason says, is “the […]

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Narration from "Ourselves," by C.M

“What dispositions must we show (a) in word, (b) in thought, (c) in act, in order to be just?” In words:We should always mean what we say, we should always be truthful, and we should always keep our promises.If we want to be able to truly mean what we say we should think before we […]

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Talking About Books

One reason written narration never fully replaces oral narration in a CM education is because we use oral narration more than written narrations all our lives. Narration is really just a shorthand word for talking about something, retelling what we read about, watched, or heard about. Sharing what happened at a doctor’s appointment or a […]

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