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What he said:

Specifically, what Donald Boudreax of Cafe Hayek said here: …ours is not a country dependent upon any Great Leader. Suggesting – as was initially the plan – that students be asked to ponder how they “can help President Obama” tells students that ‘leaders’ deserve help simply because they are ‘leaders.’ Even worse, it evokes the […]

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The Consumer’s Union On the Stay

Here: The Consumer Product Safety Commission today granted a one-year stay of testing and certification requirements for certain products to be regulated under the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act. According to the agency, the stay provides “some temporary, limited relief to the crafters, children’s garment manufacturers and toy makers who had been subject to the […]

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Jim Wallis Vs Dorothy Day

Jim Wallis is among those who believe Christian charity is best expressed through the Federal Government. Dorothy Day founded the Catholic Workers in the thirties. Thanks to David for sending me this article comparing and contrasting the two views. I do lean more towards Day’s version, and I have always found Wallis’ view well intended […]

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One Family’s Approach to Health Care Reform

A friend of the family, a preacher, sent the following to Granny Tea: In the light of all the negative things we are constantly bombarded with through and by the media, it seems they never take into account the resolve of the majority of americans. People who are just like yourselves, who enjoy their freedoms, […]

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Reasons why I lean strongly libertarian

Libertarians are not just all about legal drugs, man, legal drugs. No. For some of us who are socially and fiscally extremely conservative, libertarianism is a principled ordering of priorities. I see a useful function of government in protecting citizens from one another where necessary. I don’t see much justification for government protecting me from […]

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