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Social Justice Warriors as Thought Police

In an effort to remove the jackboots of the Social Justice Warrior crowd off the neck of the Hugo awards and writers who don’t play politics the way the SJW want them to (including those who don’t want to play politics at all)- a campaign called Sad Puppies 3 was started- more about the back […]

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1914 book on immigration

They Who Knock at Our Gates A Complete Gospel of Immigration, free download at Amazon. It was published in 1914.   Here’s a (long) excerpt: “If I ask an American what is the fundamental American law, and he does not answer me promptly, “That which is contained in the Declaration of Independence,” I put him […]

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Liberty in the abstract, vs liberty in real circumstances

Reflections On the French Revolution, by Edmund Burke. He was asked, I think, to write a letter expressing his approval of teh French Revolution. He ended up writing a book expressing something very much other than approval. Early on he explains why abstract blessings may not be blessings in reality, but must be examined in […]

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The "Perverse Irony" of School Choice?

I was in a hurry yesterday and briefly commented on an article that I think merits more discussion.The full original article is here. Joe Carter is writing of the decision some evangelical parents make to deliberately move into poor neighborhoods with struggling public schools and broken communities. Their goal is to become intimately involved in […]

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Public Citizen Now Wants to Change the First Amendment

Public Citizen, who proudly worked to put small craftsman and makers of baby quilts out of business with the CPSIA, also doesn’t like the 1st ammendment. They find it flawed, and think they know best how to fix it: “Public Citizen will aggressively work in support of a constitutional amendment specifying that for-profit corporations are […]

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