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Great-Grandmother’s Journal, Second Half of July, 1952

  Pictured to the left: My great-grandmother Mary is in the bed, holding one of my little brothers- the only little brother at the time, the other wasn’t born yet.  Mary had four children, two girls and two boys.  My grandmother Anne is her older daughter (I forget if she was the first or second […]

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Great Grandma’s Journals, May, 1951-2

In 1951, my great-grandmother was a widow (I think of a couple of years). She lived near Chicago, but also had the little house in the little country town several hours away- the one we used to call The Rattery because my uncle, who inherited it, was a hoarder. She went back and forth between […]

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Great Grandmother’s Diary, 1951/2

In 1951 my great-grandmother wrote in her journal for the end of April that the roses had frozen back, but many violets were in bloom, as well as the magnolia tree. I don’t even know where the rose bushes were- I don’t remember ever seeing any.  The magnolia still blooms, and there are still violets […]

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April, 1951, My Great-Grandmother’s Journal

Just skimming through the first two weeks of April in my great-grandmother’s journal for 1951- She paid the last installment on her annual church dues, 25.00 (I was astonished- I have never been a member of a church that required dues, is this still a thing?) She had an ‘x-ray treatment’ for her hand.  (I […]

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In 1951…

I have my great grandmother’s daily journals/appt books from the 50s.  They aren’t substantial, and my great-grandmother wasn’t longwinded.  She also used a bank appt book (an early version of a day planner) for her journal, so there’s two days of entries on each small, possibly 9X6 page.  From time to time I have shared […]

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