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Record Heat?

“…this summer (June-August) so far has had a near record low number of daily maximum temperature records in the US. The vast majority of summer daily maximum temperature records were set more than 60 years ago, and never matched again.”  More here.

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Global Scaremongers

The Arctic continues not to melt. I predict that within five years, at most, the climate change alarmists will have convinced everybody that they never claimed the arctic is melting at all. Government science even worse than we thought. Can humans melt the Antarctic ice cap?

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Feinstein’s release of Fusion transcript

Feinstein released testimony from Fusion official before the investigation is over.  She says it’s the full testimony, but significant parts have been redacted.  You can go read it.  Problem is, so can witnesses who had not yet given their testimony, so now they can check their stories in advance. Oddly, while Feinstein ignoring committee chairman […]

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Election Results

I wrote most of this in the wee hours and when I wrote it,  I still wasn’t sure who won. It had been called for Trump, but it looked awfully close in a few states. Clinton hadn’t conceded. Podesta was saying the votes weren’t all counted and they all needed to be.   I expected […]

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The Elephant In The Room Might Need To Leave

Permit me to go all historian nerd here for a brief bit. Many conservative voters act as if the Republican Party has been around since, well, God. Or at least George Washington. The fact is that the GOP was founded in 1854… and not with some fancy hoopla and roll-out. Nope. Thirty men were angry […]

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