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regulatory bondage   This is an older article on Obamacare, but it’s the information on regulatory strangleholds that interested me this morning: the idea that there is a competitive “private sector” in America is appealing, but generally false. No one hates competition more than the managers of corporations. Competition does not enhance shareholder value, and smart […]

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Internet Sales Tax

Jazz Shaw has an article on internet sales taxes up at Ace of Spades. I disagree with nearly all of it, and this comment to the post explains why pretty well: This article misses the point of the sales tax argument almost completely. The “fairness” thing is, as usual, a RED HERRING. The real issue […]

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Life is more than economics, and the body more than sociology

The danger of speaking about life exclusively in terms of problem and solution is that we are thus tempted to overlook the limitations of this detective game and the very existence of the initial arbitrary rule that makes the playing of it possible. The rule is to exclude from the terms of the problem everything […]

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Economics and the Wentletrap

This thing of beauty and joy is a wentletrap sea shell.  They once were extremely rare, highly valued by collectors.  People like the Queen of Sweden, the Medici family, or the Emperor Francis the first owned them, if they were lucky.  At one time, only three specimens were known to be in collections. If you […]

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A Ramble Through Government Economics

“Monetary inflation is actually a tax by which government – by expanding the money supply – transfers wealth from its people to itself. Indeed, inflation is perhaps the most destructive tax that can be imposed – but unfortunately it is the easiest one for a government to impose on its people. It also results in […]

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