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Asked Korean friends to define pittakkage- 삐딱하게- which is most often translated as crooked but via context means something much different than the usage in ‘there was a crooked man who walked a crooked mile.’ So they tried to demonstrate with a series of charades. They showed somebody sitting in church and crossing their legs. […]

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Improving Ourselves to Death

New YOrker offers a series of quickie overviews of books on self-improvement, periodically spiced with sharp observations on the trends in self-improvement. Here’s one of the reviews: “In a consumerist society, we are not meant to buy one pair of jeans and then be satisfied,” Cederström and Spicer write, and the same, they think, is […]

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Collectivist vs individualist cultures

I’ve recommended this course a few times, and I have to recommend it again: Customs of the World: Using Cultural Intelligence to Adapt, Wherever You Are Written by: The Great Courses , David Livermore Narrated by: Professor David Livermore Length: 11 hrs and 59 mins Series: The Great Courses: Better Living Lecture Release Date:08-13-13 Publisher: […]

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Maoists On Campus

The suppression of freedom of speech, or even thought, on college campuses all over thithe US of A, has been a developing infection for years now, but I think it’s reached systemic levels and will be fatal to the survival of universities as we once knew them. More here. Bear in mind that eventually Mao […]

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And here it comes- the cultural celebration of pedophilia is the next goal

Salon enables a pedophile to write a propaganda article normalizing pedophilia and soliciting sympathy for this perversion, claiming he is not the monster, it’s all those people who are horrified and disgused by this perversion, which is indeed monstrous. He wants sympathy and understanding, or so he says. First of all, I don’t believe […]

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