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Saving the West

“One of the leading philosophers of our time says Western culture will have to be handed down outside the ivory towers and college lecture halls – and he has strong reason to believe that its promulgators will be successful.”   The whole article is worth reading.   There are many ways to rage against […]

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Reading Widely

A wise education and so judicious reading should leave no great type of thought, no dominant phase of human nature, wholly a blank. Whether our reading be great or small, so far as it goes it should be general. If our lives admit of but a short space for reading, all the more reason that, […]

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The Best Hundred Books

“(The ‘hundred best books for the schoolroom’ may be put down on a list, but not by me. I venture to propose one or two principles in the matter of school-books, and shall leave the far more difficult part, the application of those principles, to the reader. For example, I think we owe it to […]

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Previously I. If we would form a judgment of a book which we have not seen before, the first thing that offers is the title-page, and we may sometimes guess a little at the import and design of a book thereby; though it must be confessed that titles are often deceitful, and promise more than […]

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The HG’s Reading Lately…

…finished these books in the last month(ish): ~ Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking by Susan Cain ~ If I were to give this a numbers rating out of 10, I think it’d be a 7. Cain brilliantly handles the way our group-think society ignores the real value of […]

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