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Books Read So Far in the Year of Our Lord 2019

(affiliate links below)   I’ve been doing some extra reading this year, keeping up my goal of a book a week largely by audio books and children’s fiction.  Ahem.  I’m actually ahead of my goal.  I have a nightstand full of about ten books I picked off my shelves at the beginning of the year […]

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Necessaries of Life

  From a 1916 or so booklet on teaching drawing and printing arts to high school students.

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Saving the West

“One of the leading philosophers of our time says Western culture will have to be handed down outside the ivory towers and college lecture halls – and he has strong reason to believe that its promulgators will be successful.”   The whole article is worth reading.   There are many ways to rage against […]

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Friendship story

This is a quaint old story, rather dated, but to my mind, utterly charming and sweet. It’s pretty long for a blog post. YOu can send it to your kindle reader (which need not be a Kindle, can be the free app)- if you know your kindle email address (you can find that at Amazon), […]

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Everybody Should Read Classics

HEROISM IN HOUSEKEEPING So many talents are wasted, so many enthusiasms turned to smoke, so many lives spoiled for want of a little patience and endurance, for want of understanding and laying to heart the meaning of THE PRESENT—for want of recognizing that it is not the greatness or littleness of the duty nearest hand, […]

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