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Necessaries of Life

  From a 1916 or so booklet on teaching drawing and printing arts to high school students.

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Apple Piety

Probably due to the hardships of his early life, Lord Kenyon was known for his frugality, or parsimony, among his acquaintances. When he died at the age of 70, there were some who said he had died of indigestion from the habit of eating leftover pie crusts for breakfast to save the expense of muffins. […]

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December Calendar

  I should clarify that I didn’t design this. I found it in two parts in an old magazine. I cleaned it up a bit, put the pages together, and adjusted the dates and stages of the moon so that they work for this year- at least, I hope I did the lunar calendar properly. […]

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Grandma’s Thanksgiving Dinner, 1912 cartoon

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Jack and the Beanstalk Paper Dolls

The kids can use them for play, to help with narrations (not all of them need be just for the Jack story). This is also the sort of thing I’ve printed out in the past and put in Christmas stockings.

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