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May, 2016 Books

 Little Heathens: Hard Times & High Spirits On An Iowa Farm During the Great Depression by Mildred Armstrong Kalish ~ This book was covered in a wealth of recommendations from various authors and papers ~ a great deal of raving and even a mention of “quiet lyricism.” My hopes were thus excited… and a bit […]

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Easy Summer Meal ~ Layered Salad

I married into this recipe; it’s one my husband’s family serves pretty frequently during the summer. The first time I was over there helping prep a meal and they gave me the instructions for it, I was fairly skeptical. Now I’m a solid convert and I crave its terrific tang and fresh flavor. I’ve made […]

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Today’s gone to the birds…

…well, metaphorically, anyway. The kids and I read a short bit in Who Lives In A Field, a book we’ve been going through verrrryyy slowly.  I like it because it details animals that live in our area; they like it because, hello, animals. 🙂 The first chapter is about a barred owl and when we […]

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Of Sandboxes, One Room Schools, & Neuroscience

“…[there] was – wonder of wonders – a shallow, sturdy box on wooden legs, about five feet long, three feet wide, and eight inches deep, filled with clean, fine sand. When you had successfully finished your spelling and your arithmetic lessons you were rewarded with some stand-up time to play in the sand. How good […]

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The Elephant In The Room Might Need To Leave

Permit me to go all historian nerd here for a brief bit. Many conservative voters act as if the Republican Party has been around since, well, God. Or at least George Washington. The fact is that the GOP was founded in 1854… and not with some fancy hoopla and roll-out. Nope. Thirty men were angry […]

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