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Who’s in charge of you?

“There are only two emotions that belong in the saddle. One is a sense of humour and the other is patience.” John Lyons

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Of Books and Beasts

The Equuschick just finished a new Robin Mckinley, Dragonhaven. It was a different style than many of her previous books and in fact, especially for one who can write so elegantly, her writing here often came across awkward and abrupt. But she was writing from the point of view of a modern and very troubled […]

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What The Equuschick Has Been Up To

No, it really hasn’t been all that impressive. She had plans, goals, and visions, she did. With a new laptop and internet, the possibilities were endless. But by the end of a morning of chores, and showing children how to do their chores, and feeding them, and reading to them, then by quiet time she’s […]

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Fine Art

Did you know that the kind and brilliant people who work in creating and marketing educational products for children have created these boxed sets where you can buy paint, brushes, and rocks all in one go? Lookie! 4M Natural Rock Art Kit How clever! Or you could buy some paint and brushes at the dollar […]

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Thoughts On Education for Young Women

How’s that for a high-falutin’ title? Snicker. If one is going to look at the calling of motherhood as a career and make a conscious decision to train oneself for it deliberately then The Equuschick would recommend that any young lady planning to manage a home should do some serious study on essentially, management. How […]

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