Things to pray about

pray, follow the stories, contact people who can do something- and should. Donate. I don’t know what every person ought to be doing, but it sure feels like just feeling sick over it is useless.

For full information, see the reports filed by Gentlerespectful parenting.  They are thorough and very well done.

Syesha Mercado,  Tyron Deener, and their two children, who have been legally kidnapped by Florida social workers and police, all of whom should either go to jail or quit their jobs.   I honestly tried hard not to see this story. I am so tired, so emotionally drained and stretched, and fragile from my husband’s garbage and gaslighting.  But I just can’t keep my fingers in my ears and the firewall around heart.  This is horrendous.

Six months ago Syesha took her baby to the hospital to get help with his hydration and nutrition because her milk supply had dropped due to pregnancy and the baby didn’t want to take in enough other fluids beside breast milk. She was proactive, on top of it, seeing help.  Instead she was destroyed. Because the family are vegan and outside the box in so many ways, a doctor with a history of overreacting and calling neglect when there is none agreed that the child needed to be removed. The supposed reason was Syesha had refused a B-12 shot for the baby.  She had not refused – and this is not a pick a side who seems most credible. Syesha has the conversation recorded.  What she asked is that they wait for the baby’s father to be there so it could be explained to both of them together. This was not a dangerous situation.  The child was not going to be medically threatened if the shot was delayed a few days, let alone a few hours, but the authories lied with apparent impunity and the baby was removed.

He is still in foster care.  Last week they removed her ten day old breastfed newborn for the crime of not informing the people who kidnapped her baby that she had another baby.  This is also recorded, and it’s evil.  Pure evil.  Not one person involved in this would still be doing that job if they had an active conscience.   They appear to have massive egos in place of hearts.  It is long past time for Amen ‘Ra to be home.

Taken from the IG of Jenny Taylor- please share, pray, donate if you can, and definitely contact the people involved.

“You will be able to find the whole 4 part series as it releases on my IG @gentlerespectfulparenting and my YouTube Channel Jenny Taylor. I’ve worked with Tyron and @syesha to tell their story and it should make the timeline of the events clear.

2. Please email the following people. You can use this call to action text written by @operationstopcps
“We demand an Investigation, from a third-party, into the illegal removal of Amen’Ra Sba. Further, we demand that the petition be dismissed and Amen’Ra be returned home safely to his parents immediately.”

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]

You can include a link to this video in your email.

3. Donate to the family’s legal fund. I’ve spoken to an attorney suing the same hospital for false allegations and after their child is returned going up against these giants for justice will cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Follow @syesha for all the updates about her children!

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