Sea Shanties are in for 2021!!

I am pretty excited about that.  If you are of the tik-tok generation, this is ancient news, really, really OLD stuff, but I prefer not to see time passing by as though we had the lifespan of fruitflies.

In December a young Scottish man named Nathan Evans posted a video of himself singing a sea shanty called The Wellerman.  Apparently it’s a Tik-Tok thing to do this and invite others to do their own version, or to record themselves doing a duet and share that, and I say more power to the tik tok generation that do this kind of thing.  It is totally delightful and awesome and more, please.  People did join, it was a huge hit, somebody elses did some remixes splicing a bunch of them together, and this is my favourite:

I cannot stop singing it, and I hope you can’t, either.

Well, next thing, Nathan Evans went to bed on Friday as a postman and on Monday he had a recording contract and another cut of The Wellerman was released and number 1 on the charts for two weeks.

Also, that rosy cheeked young lad with the plaid shirt and hoodie or baseball cap and the voice that makes all the bones in your body vibrate with it’s depth- he’s 19 year old ‘Luke the Voice’ and a student at Liberty University. He’s got another video out there of his roommate singing Amazing Grace with him and it’s so worth hearing. And he’s also done a couple Johnny Cash songs that I don’t have anything but cliches to describe it because my brain is old and brittle. His voice is young and deeper than deep.

Nobody is telling me who the Black man with the hair and the intriguing bookcase full of books behind him. Nobody else had a bookcase. I must know his name.

I like this remake better, because it adds history and deletes the cat. I don’t care for the cat.

I’m also singing this one at random moments- it’s new to me, and I kind of feel like it might not be an authentic old song, but one written for that viking show. But it’s cool.

Here’s a fanmade version you don’t want to watch with wee kiddies. Lots of footage of hewing and the capital parts of the hewed.

These will all throw some pep intoyour day and they make great housecleaning music.

P.S. Here is his latest official release, with gorgeous scenery from the Scottish coast:

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  1. Anne-Marie
    Posted April 11, 2021 at 4:42 pm | Permalink

    I love that in this case the internet and social media inspire people to be agents, makers of culture rather than mere consumers of it. One of my daughters, one of my sons, and one of my sons-in-law have been getting together to sing sea shanties because of the TikTok Wellermen phenomenon.

    Happy Easter, DHM!

  2. 6 arrows
    Posted April 13, 2021 at 2:12 pm | Permalink

    Ah, takes me back to the Gilligan’s Island days. 😉 LOL.

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