Real conservatism via Sonnie Johnson

There are no podcasts I listen to on a regular basis.  There a couple I listen to once in a while.  One of them is Sonnie’s Corner.  I know that to some peopled. I don’t see loud, I see strength and passion, and sometimes legitimate frustration.  You may not have heard her before, but she has been trying to be heard by the Republican Party for some time.  There’s some language.

This one starts about 50 seconds in:

“It is incumbent on us to be what we say we are.”

“What is your why?”

“When they call for revolution, will you be able to offer a renaissance?”

“Push out the stupid talking points, out of the spectrum, and bring in real conservatism, equally applied.”

the Gop ‘says they believe in border security, but any time you try to enforce it, where are they?’

You really want to listen to what she has to say about how a republic works, and the problems that begin at the local level- school boards, local schools, local justice departments- our prosecutors, D.A.s, and mayors.

Many of y’all are reaching out to hear black voices, some always have tried to do that, some are just now realizing there was this gap in your library of things to read and listen to.
I’m going to make a couple general suggestions-
* listen carefully, and if the voices you’ve chosen do not regularly have positive things to say about the black community, widen your options.
* If, in your collection of black voices offering commentary, news, history, nobody ever says anything that irks you, makes you flinch, makes you disagree strongly, what you have is an echo chamber. There is *nothing* wrong with listening to people who say what you already think. They may say it better than you,they may say it in ways that help you in many ways, but keep listening to a few people that say things you *don’t* already think, that maybe step on your toes, or are even sometimes just plain wrong about some stuff (in your opinion).
A lot of my white friends and some black friends really like Candace Owens. I enjoy her to a certain degree as well. But one of the black commentators I follow on twitter recently asked his readers to listen to her and some of their other favored conservative black voices and see if they could find five positive things Owens said about the black community in any six month period. That seems fair to me. You wouldn’t want to be represented to others by somebody who never had anything nice to say about your community, your ethnic group, people who look lke you.
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