Just for Fun

Got this from an old school magazine.  I wouldn’t necessarily use it for ‘school’ but sometime when the kids are bored, or you’re on a road trip, or it’s too hot to go outside and you just want to lie around doing almost nothing.


Variety Work

1 Write three words that end in y .

2 Write names of two yellow flowers .

3 Write names of two red flowers .

4 Write names of two animals having fur .

5 Write names of two animals having hair .

6 Put letters to old and make other words of it , such as g old t old s old etc .

7 Name three kinds of trees that grow near your home .

8 What stands for Doctor Mister Street .

9 Write names of four birds you have seen .

10 What color is your house?.

11 What animals dig holes in the ground to live in?.

12 Write five girls names .

13 Write five boys names .

14 Write three names for dogs .

15 Of what color are lemons?.

16 Of what color are ripe grapes? .

17 Write three words of four letters each .

18 Name five things that can jump .

19 Name something that likes to live in water.

20 Name three things you like to do .

21 Tell what cows are good for .

22 Name some animals that have hoofs.

Laura F Armtiage in American Teacher .

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