Mongolian Queen

Empress Sorkaktani, a Christian Kerait of Central Asia, was the wife of Tolui & daughter-in-law of Genghis Khan. Mongol women had far more rights than in many other cultures at the time, especially since the men were often away, and women were the ones responsible for Families. Each of her sons learned a new language for new lands. Sorkaktani was Mother of Four Kings: Möngke Khan (Great Khan 1251–59, of Mongol Empire [bigger than the Soviet Union]), Kublai Khan (Great Khan 1260–94, of the Mongol Empire and Conqueror of CHINA), Ariq Böke (also declared a Great Khan), & Hulagu Khan: (Ilkhan 1256–64, Conqueror of PERSIA, ASIA MINOR, Georgia & Armenia!). Her sons’ lands stretched from Korea to Poland and Vietnam, Siberia and Israel: Largest Area ever controlled by One Single Family! “If I were to see among the race of women another woman like this, I should say that the race of women was far superior to that of men.” — Syriac scholar Bar Hebraeus (1226-1286).

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