Human and Chimpanzee DNA

Jeffrey P. Tompkins, Ph.D. []* “66-70% at
most!” This Blatant Evolutionist Hoax is virtually unchallenged. The
full Chimpanzee Genome has not even been documented. False data is
generated by a deliberately deceptive software algorithm that shuts
down the investigation of any sequences which are not extremely similar,
thus falsifying the data. Huge sections of Human DNA and of Chimp
DNA are completely absent in the other. Similarities are primarily the
“re-use of effective code” a practice used by all software engineers… and
also by the Great Designer of Life! Of course, when all of the non-similar
sequences are excluded the remainder will appear nearly identical, but
that is not a truthful presentation. Furthermore, all of the DNA material
beyond the basic gene sequences which we currently understand was
also excluded from this comparison. Without a doubt, what is now called
“Junk DNA” will emerge as carrying Essential Information for offspring!
*Jeffrey P. Tomkins, Ph.D., 2014. Human and Chimp DNA–Nearly Identical?. Acts & Facts.
43 (2) at & Many more details at

I know AiG is controversial, and I don’t even like everything they do. But don’t let that be a distraction, look at the piece on its merits alone, and particularly note that in 2014 they were saying that junk DNA would turn out to be more than junk.

Related: Scientists discover a new organ,and it wasn’t even a tiny thing.

They had missed it because:
The researchers realised traditional methods for examining body tissues had missed the interstitium because the “fixing” method for assembling medical microscope slides involves draining away fluid – therefore destroying the organ’s structure.

Instead of their true identity as bodywide, fluid-filled shock absorbers, the squashed cells had been overlooked and considered a simple layer of connective tissue.

Having arrived at this conclusion, the scientists realised this structure was found not only in the bile duct, but surrounding many crucial internal organs.

“This fixation artefact of collapse has made a fluid-filled tissue type throughout the body appear solid in biopsy slides for decades, and our results correct for this to expand the anatomy of most tissues,” said Dr Theise.

They are investigating the possibility that this is how cancer spreads.

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