Great-Grandmother’s Journal, November, 1956

Sunday, November 4
Roger picked me up at 8 a.m. Lois and Philip sick with intestinal flu.* Philip was so sick. Helped with meals, etc. Philip lost his first tooth.
Came back with Roger for his midnight shift. Such a fog- it worried me to go through it.
My mother’s birthday- would have been 100 years old. How time flies. I had a wonderful home. Fine parents.

Monday, November 5
Philp and Lois better.Worked around. Watched television. Found out I could vote.
Now, how to get to the voting booth.


Voting booth such as she might have used.

Tuesday, November 6
Went to the polls to vote. Eisenhower elected for which I am very glad. (more info on the 1956 election)
Started in with the flu being like Roger’s. Never was so sick in my life, vomiting and dysentery.*

Wednesday, November 7
Paid gas and electric (3 bills, around 18.00)
Watched Purcell’s television
Thursday, November 8
Worked around, ironed.
Iris roots came from Cowleys (?) now to get them planted.
Mrs. Purcell invited me to supper. Watched television. Stomach bothering me, and just got home in time. Sure was sick for a while.That flu bug gets you and how!
Friday, November 9
Worked around
Had this flu bug so did not do too much.
Watched television.Mrs. Purcell brot me fish for my supper.
Saturday, November 10
Roger’s wanted me to come out at midnight with him, but I just did not feel up to it, and I might have something they did not have.
Mrs. Purcell brot my supper down.
Watched television.

easter lily border horizontal double headed

*They might have had this strain of flu, according to Wikipedia:

Asian Flu (1957–1958)

Main article: H2N2

The “Asian Flu” was a category 2 flu pandemic outbreak of avian influenza that originated in China in early 1956 lasting until 1958. It originated from mutation in wild ducks combining with a pre-existing human strain.[43] The virus was first identified in Guizhou.[44] It spread to Singapore in February 1957, reached Hong Kong by April, and US by June. Death toll in the US was approximately 69,800.[43]The elderly were particularly vulnerable.[45] Estimates of worldwide deaths vary widely depending on source, ranging from 1 million to 4 million.

Her Irises; I don’t know what became of them, but there are irises that still bloom at the Rattery, and I have transplanted a couple of them over here.  They are yellow and smell nice.  I would like to think they might have been hers, since the Rattery was hers before it was my uncle’s.

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