Great Grandmother’s Journal, End of October, 1956

Sunday, October 28

The children were in my bedroom early.  Small fry is so cute.  Had a good dinner. Watched television in the evening.


Monday, Octoer 29

Fixed my dress.  Did some sewing and cleaning. Man at the door about my lot caving in.  Supper and television at Purcells.

Tuesday, October 30

Rec’d $30 Otto Green

Lois called. Roger will pick me up after the 4 O’clock shift.

Me and my gadding.

Had a good supper.

Wednesday, October 31

Lois on the P.T. A. committee for the kindergarten party.

Richard (the baby of all her grandchildren, I believe, the baby of daughter-in-law Lois’ family, anyway)- was broken hearted to have her go. I finally got him quieted down Slept a long time in my arms. Sobbed for such a long time- so he was deeply hurt.

Took a frozen (can’t read) over. Had it for supper with noodles and egg gravy.  It was good.  Watched television, and 78 children came for Trick or Treat.

img_20161110_2341231821Thursday November 1

Roger took me over to the cemetery, planted tulips on dad’s grave.  then after lunch brot me home. Stopped at Mrs. Hilty’s grave. They have a new stone much like dad’s.

Watched Purcell’s television for a while.

Very foggy.

Friday, November 2

Did not do much. So foggy until near noon, they say all planes to Chicago are grounded. Talked to Mr (or Mrs?) Hilty- the mortgage on the Masonic Temple all paid for and burned in a ceremony Saturday night. How terribly hard dad worked to get enough funds borrowed to finish that building  Few of them know about it.

Saturday, November 3

She paid bills- lights for the cottage, 2.50; water for the main house, 2.10; Bell telephone, 6.60

Watched Purcell’s television.

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