Great Grandmother’s Journal, 3rd week October, 1956


Tuesday, October 16

She got the rent from two of the apartments in her townhouse, 60 for one, 30 for the other.

Her visiting son and daughter-in-law went to the big city to shop.

She had supper for them when they came home, and they all went to her youngest son’s house for dessert.

Wednesday, October 17

Her oldest son and his wife packed up and drove off for Wyoming, where they lived, by 10a.m.

“Have a long trek ahead of them,” she wrote. “It was so good having them here.

They go to Laramie for the U of W homecoming, then home.”

Thursday, October 18

Mary’s birthday today.  8 years old.  She was such a lovely baby.  Dad here then.  We sure were happy to have her in our family.  (Mary is the oldest daughter of her youngest son).

Friday, October 19

Worked around.  Mrs. Purcell brot down such a grand supper.  Watched their television.

Saturday, October 20

Cleaned.  Will go to cottage this afternoon.  Fred’s birthday.  Hope he got the little check.


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