Government Cookie Jars

Who has total control of our tax dollars? Who takes them? Who decides where they go? Who decides to raise our taxes and take more from us to give to others? Who is who chooses to give some firms our tax dollars as corporate welfare? Politicians.
Corporations do lobby for money and favorable legislature, and accept those perks when they are given.   However, they can’t force politicians to give them our money. Politicians CHOOSE to do that. Remove the politicians’ ability to do that, and you stop the problem at its root.

Many of those who claim to object to corporate welfare really do not have a problem with politicians giving away our money to businesses, it’s just that they would pick different winners in the corporate lobbying game.  For those people, the complaints they have about big, bad business are simply a power struggle, not principled objection.

Salaries for CEOs are determined by the shareholders and board members of the business. Shareholders include pension funds for teachers, police officers, state employees, and others. Many of the so called 99% make 100% of their retirement money from the 1%.

Salaries for politicians are determined by… themselves.  And their money comes directly and only from ‘we the people.’

The mortgage crisis?  *Politicians* demanded that mortgages worth zip be offered, right? They *required* it, so here again we have a case of the government being the instrument responsible for economic destruction, and corporations merely being a willing enough tool in the hands of the politicians.   Most of the left seems to want merely to punish the tool (and only a few of those, based entirely on politics, not principles).  I am in favor of yanking corporate hands out of the cookie jar, but I want to also limit the power of the tool wielders so that they do not have the ability to own and operate a cookie jar for favored corporations and cannot do such damage ever again.

One argument that really amuses me, while it depresses me as well, is the complain that businesses who receive corporate welfare, government bailouts, are then ” refusing to invest taxpayer money back into the economy.” Hello?  This is a charade and more than a bit of a shell game.  Why not let the taxpayers KEEP their OWN money and decide where in this economy WE want to invest it?  Why do we need the middle men of government and businesses the government chooses to support to do this for us?

Note well: Obama has been giving taxpayer money away to his friends and supporters. Corporations are his biggest supporters. I do not want to see more of the governmental power grab so government officials can continue to enrich themselves and reward their cronies, regardless of whether those cronies are successful at business or not (Solynydra, anybody?)

If you want taxpayer money invested back into the economy, why not let *taxpayers* do that by letting us keep our money?


But corporate hotshots are merely thieves.


Hmmm.  I’m not admiring their moral code.  But it’s not stealing when the powers that be *give* you the money. That’s what politicians did. That’s what crony capitalism is- it is the problem. The way to fix crony capitalism is to remove the incentive to lobby government for its political favors, and you do that by getting the politician’s hands out of the cookie jar and putting a wall between them and corporations. Get them out of the business of picking winners and losers in business.


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