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Okay, this is ridiculously funny, but it’s also sad: Woman who voted for every Austin, TX tax increase discovers that now she can’t afford to live there. “I have voted for every park, every library, all the school improvements, for light rail, for anything that will make this city better. But now I can’t afford to live here anymore. I’ll protest my appraisal notice, but that’s not enough. Someone needs to step in and address the big picture.”

While the VA was letting soldiers die on secret waiting lists, Iglesias held VA up as model for gov’t health care.

Expect an increase in your electricity bills. Thanks, Obama.

No words. Except Obama apparently supports terrorists. “Behold Canada and America. One country supports the efforts of a U.S. special forces soldier’s widow to hold accountable the jihadist who killed her husband and the father of her two young children. The other country helped free that jihadist from Guantanamo Bay in a shady deal that appeased his far-left allies.
Guess which side President Obama’s on.”

The Bergdahl Chronicles:

From one of the soldiers tasked to find deserter Bergdahl: ” Our battalion suffered six fatalities in a three-week period. On August 18, an IED killed Private First Class Morris Walker and Staff Sergeant Clayton Bowen during a reconnaissance mission. On August 26, while conducting a search for a Taliban shadow sub-governor supposedly affiliated with Bergdahl’s captors, Staff Sergeant Kurt Curtiss was shot in the face and killed. On September 4, during a patrol to a village near the area in which Bergdahl vanished, an insurgent ambush killed Second Lieutenant Darryn Andrews and gravely wounded Private First Class Matthew Martinek, who died of his wounds a week later. On September 5, while conducting a foot movement toward a village also thought affiliated with Bergdahl’s captors, Staff Sergeant Michael Murphrey stepped on an improvised land mine. He died the next day.

It is important to name all these names. For the veterans of the units that lost these men, Bergdahl’s capture and the subsequent hunt for him will forever tie to their memories, and to a time in their lives that will define them as people. He has finally returned. Those men will never have the opportunity.”


“Was this man worth my son’s life?” asks mother of man who died looking for Bergdahl.

You know, a couple days ago the best defense of this fiasco that the left had was “He was a soldier, it’s not nice to diss a man who served.”

Today?  Not so much.  Now the WH attacking soldiers speaking out about the deserter, calling them Republican plants and tools and accusing them of ‘Swift Boating.’  Of course, the swift boating of John Kerry was based on factual evidence that he was a liar, so maybe that is the correct term after all.

More on that here: Predictable White House Official Says Bergdahl Is Being “Swift Boated”

Worse and worse- did Bergdahl leave behind a note renouncing citizenship when he left his base?

Ranking Senate intel committee member says that Bergdahl’s note indicating he left voluntarily as well as all the reports and complaints from fellow soldiers about Bergdahl being a deserter, were kept out of the Bergdahl file.  He was shocked.

Soldier: Army told us to lie about Bergdahl’s capture

So far the White House hasn’t found anybody who served with Bergdahl who wants to defend him, and you know they are looking.

Bergdahl’s hometown cancels homecoming celebration. Good call.;_ylt=AwrBEiKcg49T4QYAFcDQtDMD

And yes, we should question the timing of the Bergdahl release.  We’ve known where is he is for years. The WH hoped this release would distract attention from Obama’s VA scandal.

I think Obama knew Bergdahl deserted.He just didn’t think it mattered because he has no clue about what it means to serve with honor..

“Exhibit A: Ms. Rice. In one of the most tone-deaf statements in White House history (we’re making a lot of history here), the national-security advisor, on a Sunday talk show, described Bergdahl as having served “with honor and distinction.” Those serving in uniform and those of us who served previously were already stirred up, but that jaw-dropper drove us into jihad mode.

But pity Ms. Rice. Like the president she serves, she’s a victim of her class. Nobody in the inner circle of Team Obama has served in uniform. It shows. That bit about serving with “honor and distinction” is the sort of perfunctory catch-phrase politicians briefly don as electoral armor. (“At this point in your speech, ma’am, devote one sentence to how much you honor the troops.”)”

“Both President Obama and Ms. Rice seem to think that the crime of desertion in wartime is kind of like skipping class. They have no idea of how great a sin desertion in the face of the enemy is to those in our military. The only worse sin is to side actively with the enemy and kill your brothers in arms. This is not sleeping in on Monday morning and ducking Gender Studies 101.

But compassion, please! The president and all the president’s men and women are not alone. Our media elite — where it’s a rare bird who bothered to serve in uniform — instantly became experts on military justice. Of earnest mien and blithe assumption, one talking head after another announced that “we always try to rescue our troops, even deserters.”

Uh, no. “Save the deserter” is a recent battle cry of the politically indoctrinated brass. For much of our history, we did make some efforts to track down deserters in wartime. Then we shot or hanged them. Or, if we were in good spirits, we merely used a branding iron to burn a large D into their cheeks or foreheads. Even as we grew more enlightened, desertion brought serious time in a military prison. At hard labor.”

I’m glad he’s home.  I am sympathetic to the idea that perhaps he’s suffered enough for his horrible decision, and so I don’t want to send him to jail or put him in front of a firing squad. I do want any pay the military held for him, any automatic promotions- withdrawn.  He should be dishonorably discharged.

And he and his parents should send thank-you notes to the families of the six men who died looking for their son instead of posting social media messages about emptying Gitmo and retribution for Afghani children who have died.

Well.  That’s what I thought five minutes ago.  According to this reporter, there are many in the intelligence community who are concerned that he was not merely a deserter, he was a collaborator who actively worked with the Taliban to ambush Americans.   If that turns out to be true. send him to Gitmo.

No, Obama might release him.  Send him to a military prison to spend many, many years turning big rocks into little rocks.


Updated to fix the missing link above, and add this:

Cornelison was questioned several times by Army authorities. Since Cornelison was the platoon’s medic, investigators wanted to know if Bergdahl had any mental or physical health problems that might explain his actions. “I ended up being questioned thoroughly by people at brigade level, questioned pretty in-depth about what Bergdahl’s medical condition was,” Cornelison said. “The three or four times we went back to FOB Sharana, every single time I was questioned.” (Cornelison said he did not see any health issues that might have caused Bergdahl to leave.)

Other soldiers who knew Bergdahl well came in for even more frequent questioning. “There were a couple of other people who were closer to Bergdahl and had more specific information,” Cornelison remembered. “In one case, they sent a helicopter to pick up [a soldier who knew Bergdahl]. We were in the middle of a mission, and they sent a helicopter to pick him up and bring him back to FOB Sharana to be questioned.”

That suggests just how seriously top Army officers and criminal investigators took the case, and how thoroughly it has been investigated. But now, with even more investigations ahead, the circumstances of Bergdahl’s reappearance have made the soldiers’ promises of silence impossible to keep. After first hearing that Bergdahl was back, Cornelison then saw President Obama at the White House with Bergdahl’s parents. Cornelison and several of his former colleagues sensed that some sort of heroic narrative might be forming — and they knew it wasn’t true.

“When the president was there with Bergdahl’s parents, we got this feeling that the American people needed to be told the truth,” Cornelison, who believes Bergdahl deserted his post, explained. “We were there, this is not hearsay, we were on the ground, the first ones to go looking for him. The American public needs to know the truth about Bergdahl before treating him like any kind of war hero, because that is completely false.”

 I’m telling you, it’s only a matter of time before Obama gives Bergdahl a medal and courtmartials fellow members of his platoon for telling the truth about him.

According to Tapper 2009 military investigation concluded that Bergdahl did indeed desert.

“An Army fact-finding investigation conducted in the months after Bergdahl’s 2009 disappearance concluded that he left his outpost deliberately and on his own free will, according to a U.S. military official briefed on the report. The official spoke to CNN on Tuesday on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitive nature of the information.”

And Harry Reid wonders what difference it makes if he lied about when he was informed of the swap.

Rich Lowry:

About half a dozen of Bergdahl’s former comrades have said he deliberately walked off his base in 2009 after becoming disillusioned with the war and that soldiers were killed looking for him. Steve Hayes of The Weekly Standard reports that the military investigated and considered Bergdahl absent without leave.

Let’s stipulate that — given the fog of war — these accounts might exaggerate the harm done by Bergdahl’s disappearance. But there is no doubt that they are sincere and heartfelt. And what are the odds that Bergdahl happened to get assigned to a platoon full of highly politicized soldiers who waited years for the opportunity to use the circumstances of his capture as a cudgel against President Obama?

As the pseudonymous blogger Allahpundit points out, if there are comrades who will vouch for Bergdahl’s character, or were witnesses to him being snatched while lagging on patrol (as Bergdahl maintained in a video after his capture), we would presumably have heard from them by now.

The conspiracy against Bergdahl is so vast that it encompasses Afghan villagers, who no doubt are speaking out at the behest of Sean Spicer of the Republican National Committee or some other nefarious GOP operative. The villagers told The Washington Post that they saw Bergdahl after he walked away from his base, heading for Taliban strongholds and ignoring their warnings that he was in danger.


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