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oppa dongsaengs

The Princess Peach ate a firecracker, but she’s okay.

The Striderling says he LIKES obnoxious noises so much.  He calls his baby sister Little Precious.  When stuck on playground equipment he called for his mom, saying “Mommy, I’m dropping myself!”

Their youngest sibling is seven months old and pulling herself up to standing and she’s a round, chunky little butterball of adorable.  We think we never gave her a blog nickname.


The FYB has forty-nine chicks in two horse troughs in our garage, and four laying hens in the chicken coop he built out of one of the horse stalls in the stable out back.  He’s selling the eggs. They are tasty.

three cavaliers

Shasta and the Equuschick are expecting their fourth baby in August!!

Shasta graduated from college in May, and he walked straight into a job as an accountant at a trucking company ten minutes from here.

The Dread Pirate Grasshopper IS the DPG and he just came in to tell me the baby chicks were learning to climb on their feeding equipment and he was so excited about it that he was visibly vibrating from head to toe.  Also, his mother read him a book about the Declaration of Independence a couple weeks ago, and he was struck by the idea: “I’m going to do that.  I am going to choose my own leaders, too!”  His mommy told him he was four, and his leaders were already chosen for him, at least for now.  He said that wasn’t fair.

The Little Ladybug climbed up on a windowsill at their house and when her brother ‘helped’ her down, she may have slightly fractured her leg.  She’s not been putting any weight on it since the accident and there is a slight line on the xray that could be a fracture or something insignificant. It’s splinted and they are waiting for the Orthopedic Specialist to take a look.

Their youngest sibling is about 15 or 16 months old, and I don’t remember her blogname. There were some issues with her holding down food, but now she’s on reflux medication and is doing much better and putting on weight. She’s not walking, and she’s a tiny little bit of thistledown, but she’s a lively and opinionated young miss none-the-less.

Jenny Any Dots has moved into her own (rented) house and is very tickled. It’s about the same distance from her work.

Pip got her AA in library science and her practicum was *so* good that the state director wants to use it to show other students what they should do.

The Mop Top got a summer job at a local grocery store- they hired him halfway through the interview.

The FYG’s minor leg surgery was postponed but she should be having it this Friday.  She is seeing the same orthopedic surgeon on the same day as her niece, the Equushick’s and Shasta’s little Ladybug (age 3).

The HM is looking for a summer job and anxiously waiting for news about being hired on full time at the school next year.  He’s heard from, like, everybody– other teachers and fellow aides at the school, parents of the kids in the class where he’s an aide,  somebody at the grocery store (it’s a small town) that he’s the replacement teacher they are hiring in the fall- except…. he has not heard this from the one person who does the actual hiring, and it’s not for lack of asking.

I’m plotting a yard sale with the FYB. He’ll do the lifting, carrying, and man the sale so that I don’t have to leave the house or talk to people, I will go through the house and collect and price stuff, and then we’ll split the money.

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