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Vintage New Year’s Game

“This game is played by providing each guest a paper and pencil and having ten letters of the alphabet read to the company These are to be copied the guests are told to write a New Year’s resolution of ten words each beginning with one of the letters used in the order in which they […]

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Sunday Hymn Post

About this book Read this bookFavorite Hymns: Stories of the Origin, Authorship, and Use of Hymns We Love By William Lee Hunton

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Sunday Hymn Post

Come, Thou almighty King,Help us Thy Name to sing, help us to praise!Father all glorious, o’er all victorious,Come and reign over us, Ancient of Days! Jesus, our Lord, arise,Scatter our enemies, and make them fall;Let Thine almighty aid our sure defense be made,Souls on Thee be stayed; Lord, hear our call. Come, Thou incarnate Word,Gird […]

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Future Options: The HG Considering Her Future

Or, rambling greatly on a future that is ever changing and unsure. Option 1: The South American One =With this option, I’d take a year off before grad school to go to a Spanish speaking country for a year (either an au pair or doing missions work of some kind, I’m quite confident I could […]

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Why I Like Michael Innes

He writes things like:‘… his presence was otiose, anomalous and out of time.’And dialog like: ~’I am enormously respectable.’~’You are most assuredly nothing of the kind. In fact, no adequately informed person would much want to have dealings with you, except, perhaps, …of an irregular sort.’ “There’s plenty of room on this trunk without question […]

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