Literary Party Games

Other ways of using books....

Other ways of using books….

Questions to be answered by giving in each case the name of a well known author
1 A name that means such fiery things you can t describe their pains and stings
2 What a rough man said to his son when he wished him to eat properly
3 Pilgrims and flatterers have knelt low to kiss him
4 Makes and mends for first class customers
5 Represents the dwellings of civilized men
7 A chain of hills covering a dark treasure
6 Is worn on the head
8 A brighter and smarter than the other
9 A worker in precious metals
10 A vital part of the body
11 A disagreeable fellow to have on one’s foot
12 Meat what are you doing in the oven

AUTHORS VERBAL GAME This is an interesting and instructive game The players seat themselves so as to form a ring An umpire and a score keeper are appointed and each player in turn rises and announces the name of a well known book The one who first calls out the name of the author of the book scores a point the one who has the largest score when the game ceases is the victor and may be given a prize This game may be varied by the naming of well known authors leaving the titles of books by these authors to be supplied

And it may be played in yet another way Give each player a pencil and paper and instead of calling aloud the title of a book as each author is announced ask the players to write on a slip of paper the name of the author the title of a book by that author and the name of a character in the book Thus
1 Oliver Goldsmith; She Stoops to Conquer; Miss Hardcastle
2 Harriet Beecher Stowe; Uncle Tom’s Cabin; Miss Ophelia
3 William Shakespeare; Romeo and Juliet; Tybalt

If the game be played in this way the scores will probably be close.

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