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“So long as they are reading?” Content matters.

“The habit of casual reading… is a form of mild intellectual dissipation which does more harm than we realise. Many who would not read even a brilliant novel of a certain type, sit down to read twaddle without scruple. Nothing is too scrappy, nothing is too weak to “pass the time!” The “Scraps” literature of […]

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Books I’ve Read Recently

Unfortunately, I did not keep a list and so I do not even remember all of them.  I did not write down titles, make notes, or even save them in my Kindle.  As we CM educators like to say, ask your children to narrate only the books you want them to remember. Oops.   I guess remembering wasn’t that important to me.  What […]

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Looking for Something to Read, Don’t Want Twaddle?I

I see this request or one like it from time to time, and then what follows is usually a debate on why a particularly recommendation is or is not twaddle, and then one on why it’s okay to read twaddle sometimes, and then we discuss junk food and how much is too much and just […]

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Isaac Watts: On Improving the Mind by Reading

Previously II. The next way of improving the mind is by reading, and the advantages of it are such as these : 1. By reading we acquaint ourselves, in a very extensive manner, with the affairs, actions, and thoughts of the living and the dead, in the most remote nations, and most distant ages, and that […]

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Children’s Reading Habits- 1922

(illustration from The Publishers Weekly, Volume 100, Part 2. Article from a 1922  number of The National School Digest): What Do American Children Read ? Co -operating with the Children’s Book Week Committee, the Bookman offered a series of prizes to children for the best essays on ‘Books I Like to Read.’  The 298 papers […]

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