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Day 3

Day Three: This isn’t from day three, but just a compare and contrast- at the airport in Chicago, I started to take off my shoes, but the person in front of me asked if she needed to, and she was told no, so I didn’t.  This was wrong.  I was made to feel it was […]

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Fun Facts

Fun facts: We Left Chicago in the morning at 10 or 10:30 our time.  We flew for 13 hours and it never got dark- every time we opened a window shade, the sun was blindingly bright.  The window shades were mostly kept shut because many passengers were sleeping.  It was night by the time we […]

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How Asian Are You?

How Asian are you? I scored at the high end of Asianesque. I am supposed to try harder.

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We are here!

We’ve arrived! We’re very comfortably housed, although we do need to find a more permanent place asap as this is too expensive long term (and isn’t intended to be long term.) I can only post pictures from my phone, not from the aux cord connecting phone to computer. I don’t like writing from my phone. […]

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