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I’m becoming a one-note singer

Quoting from a friend:  “These kids didn’t choose this life. But we can all choose to do something to impact their lives and the lives of so many other kids in this world just like them. Pray, educate, advocate, donate, host, adopt. Everyone can fall into at least one of these categories. We don’t push […]

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Airport greeting sign

Families make a sign to greet their kids at the airport. When it’s your first visit, you put a picture of your kid on the sign, and also their name in the Cyrillic alphabet, so they know you are their host family. Since we’ve had 2 of our boys before, and they all live in […]

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Where Go the Children?

oksana, natasha, tanya Many people think we are crazy for agreeing to host four brothers from an orphanage in Ukraine for 9 weeks this summer. We’re just hosting. Above, I’ve shared the link to a family who are fundraising to host 3 girls- sisters- who are part of a sibling group of 7, and the […]

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They Have Known Hunger

The above picture shows two of the brothers we hope to host this summer.  On the left is the youngest- then age 7.  On the right is the oldest, then 14.  (They have each had a birthday since their Christmas visit.)  They are in my kitchen eating pudding, because they had each had a tooth […]

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Does it hurt too much? Really?

Hearing some tales of heart-ache about some overseas orphans who can’t be adopted, cannot even be hosted temporarily due to paperwork issues and timing, a friend says, “They’re hostage to a bureaucracy, in a country that cannot find love in its heart and will not release them to become part of a loving home. Same […]

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