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Building a Math Equation

Small things add up. I went to Walmart yesterday- I was only going to pick up one item. You know how that goes. I totally just strolled by the boys’ clothes on a whim. That section was nowhere near my one item. T-shirts were on sale for under $5.00. We know the Ukrainian boys will […]

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Summer Orphan Hosting!

It’s official. They can come back for 8 weeks, from June 15 to August I forget but 8 weeks later. I’m so excited. Love this sweet face: Oh, my goodness, he’s cheeky. Ornery, even. Remember we had 2 brothers, and they have 2 more brothers in the same orphanage. I said this just a few […]

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I accidentally overheard a highly disturbing conversation between Blynken and Nod, about how awful Nod’s father was. Nod, who has never met him, was insisting he wasn’t that bad, all he did was… (insert heinous, reprehensible, despicable behavior here), and why was that so terrible?  It’s long past, the events he recounted, and I had […]

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Busy Being Blessed

As most of you know, we are keeping two Ukrainian orphans for the holidays. I say they are orphans for simplicity’s sake. They live in an orphanage. I have heard nothing about the parents. They may have passed away, or perhaps not. We do not know. We had to go through some training classes and […]

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