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Bible Study Through Story Telling

Building Sound Theology Through Good Story Telling, by Jessica Alexander Excerpt (her article is on page 19) “Simply the Story is a simple and creative method used to equip low literacy learners to join multiple literacy spectrums. The technique can reach into all age groups, among all social groups regardless of the ethnicity or economic status […]

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Ideas for building narration skills

“What do you see?” is a good question to ask while playing outside, going to a park, looking at a butterfly or a flower. Asking “I wonder…..” why it looks like this? does that? what it’s doing. how it does that. what will happen next. how it got here? Bite your tongue and count to […]

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Open Ended Narration Questions

I gleaned and gathered these from elsewhere- they are not all original to me.   Should he/she have done that? How does x compare with y? What is x? What do you mean by that? What was going on at that time? Why do you think …? What do you suppose was the cause or reason […]

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Narration, and More

Narration is the first response to books when using a Charlotte Mason Education. You continue narration all the way through school.  But as the students grow older and more accomplished with narration, beginning somewhere between 9 and 12 (and probably closer to 10-12) you can add some other things as well. Consider this oft overlooked […]

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An Educated Mind

Years and years ago when we started homeschooling, one of the many things that set me on what I believe has been the right path for us was a short but very meaty article in The Teaching Home magazine (which was then a very slight publication, hardly more than a black and white newsletter, in […]

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